Spring Update

IMG_5753 copy

Spring has sprung my friends.

As usual things  are busy around these parts.  But as my hubby put it the other day when I expressed this observation, “We are busy with the right kind of things though, right?”

As I mentioned in our last post, our sweet, sweet friends who we had the privilege of sharing our home with now live just a block away. It is both a dream come true for me and a joy to live in a neighborhood and love our neighborhood together with them!

Speaking of our neighborhood…we are just days away from our annual Neighborhood Wide Block Party. This is the 3rd year we have organized this event and this year we had more help, donations, and over all excitement about the event than every before.  I look forward to sharing photos from this years event with you all!  We just love our neighborhood!

Our friend who moved in with us last spring celebrated his one year anniversary of moving to Huntsville!  It is a so much fun having him live with us.  The kids love him and I think our home would feel very empty without him.


Little Man and I have been ‘doing school’ together a few times a week.  We are using the Heart of Dakota Preschool curriculum and we really love it.  Little Man will be 5 in a few short weeks and our plan is to begin Kindergarten in the Fall at home, slowly and at his pace and see how things progress over the next year.

In other news:

-We went strawberry picking recently and the boys had a blast.


-I have been busy planning our neighborhood cookout and enjoying taking photos of our family and really just about anything I can get to sit still for a few seconds. (Much to Baby Boy’s dismay…)

IMG_5714 copy

-Hubby and Little Man have been busy in a new stage of play that includes boy activities such as ‘hunting’ chipmunks in the back yard, making and shooting bow and arrows, wood working in order to produce a pirate ship wheel, and things like that…such a fun age.


-Baby boy hit a developmental growth spurt and all of a sudden is a toddler.  Still squish and round like a baby however climbing, running, playing and communicating like a toddler.  I just can not get enough of him at this stage.  He is precious.

IMG_5693Looking forward to the summer as we have several very special visitors planned 🙂  Yay!







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March Update

2013-3 (Mar)1

It has been quiet around the Robinson Home Sweet Home Blog, but the real life Robinson Home Sweet Home is just now coming out of a B-U-S-Y season.  Want an update in bullet point form?  Oh good, here you go 🙂

– Our friends who were sharing our home with us (remember that here?) bought a home and moved into sed new home last month.  Where might this new home be, you ask?  Oh you know, just around the corner from us!  So for those of you that prayed for this, thank you!  God generously answered your prayers and we now call our best friends in Huntsville our neighbors also!

-Our house has quieted down for sure these recent days.  We are settling into a new routine as a family. Our other friend who has lived with us almost a year (more on that here) continues to live with us and he is a blessing to our family!  We are so thankful for his addition to our home!

-Little Man is 4.5 so we have begun doing a bit of preschool a few days a week as he asks to (He loves ‘school’!).  He has been enjoying playing with Legos, ‘reading’ books, and coloring some very elaborate pictures.  I am personally enjoying this boy stage with him.  🙂


-Baby Boy is now about 16 months old.  He is toddling around and climbing on everything and wants to spend his entire day outside.  He is getting such a personality and cracking Hubby and I up all the time.  It looks like we have another socialite extrovert on our hands.


-Eric has been working on our back yard.  You might remember the grass-less mud trap from when we first moved in?  Well, he finished the tree house and laid sod over the mud so we actually have a useful, fun backyard now.  We kind of have a play ground of sorts.  There is something to be said for striving to have the coolest backyard in the neighborhood if you goal is to get to know your neighbors.  Because all the kids want to come here to play outside!  🙂


-I have been doing some photography for local friends and enjoying it very much.  It has been a bit of an artistic outlet as well as a great opportunity to get to know new people.  I am finding that people usually want a photographer to capture pretty special moments in their lives so you can get to know someone really quickly.

We are eagerly looking forward to Spring!  Hope you all are doing well 🙂

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Noses holes…

What is it with my boys and their nostrils at this specific age?

Nostril Collage

And yes, that is the same bib…in the same high chair.


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March 18, 2013 · 11:04 am

Merry Christmas!

We opted out of paper Christmas cards again this year…so here is our digital version 🙂
Robinson Cover
Hoping you are getting to celebrate the miraculousness of today; Gods’ most generous gift to us all: Himself. Merry Christmas!

Love, The Robinsons

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Merry Christmas!

We opted out of paper Christmas cards again this year…so here is our digital version 🙂

Hoping you are getting to celebrate the miraculousness of today; Gods’ most generous gift to us all: Himself. Merry Christmas!
Robinson Cover
Love, The Robinsons

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Baby Boy Videos

Baby Boy is crackin’ us up lately.  He is starting to mimic a lot and communicate with small words and signs.  Here are a few videos:

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November Update and Baby Boy Turns 1

November was so full of fun!  I feel like I can hardly communicate it! 🙂

Here is some of our family fun we had this month:

-Hubby participated in something called a Krispy Kreme Run with the two other guys in our house.  They are to run two miles to the local Krispy Kreme shop, eat a dozen donuts and run two miles back… I still do not understand the appeal of this but they did it nonetheless.

Krispy Kream Run

-We celebrated and hosted Thanksgiving in Huntsvegas with our “House Family” (what we are calling the group of us that are living under our one roof these days) and Hubbys’ family, and an Scottish friend.  Yes.  17 people total.  Want to know how we fit everyone at one big table in our home?  See picture below:


-The House Family guys finished fixing up a car that we all bought for some good friends of ours and we got the pleasure of surprising our friends with it, complete with a big red bow on top! Such a joy!

-We had our annual post-Thanksgiving Christmas decorating) complete with awkward family photo and baby winter hat photo.  What Christmas decorating is complete without it??

Christmas Decorating

-Had some family photos taken by a neighborhood friend who is starting a new photography business! Such a blessing. (New header above…see?)

Favs Favs1

-And Baby Boy turned 1 year old!

Joshuas 1st bday2Joshuas 1st bday


Whew!  Just writing all that out gives me a thankful heart towards God who is a good Dad who gives us so much more than we could ever need. Praise Him for His ultimate generosity to us in Jesus and His over generous heart to good things to His children

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October Update

Things in the Robinson Home Sweet Home have been B-U-S-Y these last few months.  I guess 9 people living under one roof will do that to ya 🙂  We are enjoying our time in ‘communal living’ while it lasts.  Late this coming winter our friends will need to be in a space that they can have cleared by their social worker for their adoption of their son to go through.  If you are a praying person, would you join us in praying that God would open up a home for them to purchase in our neighborhood that meets their families needs?

October was filled with lots of fun.  We had a neighborhood Fall party in our backyard, enjoyed Trick-or-Treating, Little Man spent the month traipsing around the town in his Spider Man costume, and Baby Boy had his first ever cold and ear infection.  😉
Here are some pictures from this last month:

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September Update

Here are a few updates from the month of September:

* Month numero 2 of our friends living with us: Super enjoying it.

* Hubs and I celebrated out 6 year wedding anniversary 🙂

* Year numero  3 of the Gospel Community Conference: Audio HERE…totally worth your time to listen to!

(If you are someone who was involved in Campus Outreach as a college student and you read the above statement I even more highly recommend that you listen to these talks.  They have been an amazing resource for Eric and I over the past three years.  If you ever want to talk more about we would be so excited to process with you!)

* The Hubster turned 31! No surprise party this year…

* Baby Boy turned 10 months old!

I know this isn’t the greatest picture ever but the look on his face is my favorite.  He just started pulling up…on everything!  Sometimes I will peek into the room and he is just standing there looking out the window and when he see’s me he gives me this sweet look and I can’t get enough of it.  Thought I would share it with you 🙂 )


Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of Fall 2012!

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An August Video

A little video of the boys. Baby Boy is getting so big! I can hardly believe he will be a year in just a few short months!

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