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In the beginning…

…was our blog…and we wrote the blog…this post was written in the beginning.

Welcome to The Robinson’s Home Sweet Home.  The purpose behind this blog is light-hearted while we feel the need for it is deep seeded.  We are thankful to have been blessed with many friendships and loving family members that can be found all over the world, literally from shore to shore.  Our thoughts behind our time dedicated to this site, is to keep in contact through the seemingly mundane, day to day.  I have a theory that it is these things that really keep people in touch.  When we lose grasp of these things, we end up with awkward, largely spaced out phone conversations that always start with, “So…how ya been??”; are filled with awkward silences, and end with, “Well… it was… nice talking with you…I guess, uh, well, talk to you later?”  While we feel intensely committed to make these very awkward phone calls, I can’t say I walk away from many of them truly feeling caught up on my friends life.  But there is a new way of communication!

[Enter Robinson’s Home Sweet Home!]

So laugh with us, cry with us, and heck, come visit us!  And walk with us as we share our seemingly mundane day to day.  And feel free to share your own tid-bits, didlies, happenings, and hum-dings. (I couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme.)

Love you all,

The Robinson’s

The Robinson Clan


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