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Little Man has a new obsession!  Doggies!


Carrying Doggy (by the ear)


Cuddling Doggy


Daddy and Doggy


I love my doggy!


Next time you see Little Man, ask him what a doggy says.  He will inevitably bark like a dog and continue to do so until you remind him that there are not any dogs in site.  OR go to my Facebook page and watch a little video of this barking in action!


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Week Numero 3

We begin our 3rd week in Sweet Home Alabama. And honestly…it truly has been pretty sweet! Hubby is enjoying his job SO much. Little Man is enjoying his new home complete with a pool to splash in and doggies everywhere. (He has a new obsession…dogs! And the apartment complex we live in has a beautiful pool and several tenants that have dogs as pets.) And me, well, I am doing really well. No post-traumatic-stress or delayed grief or whatever you want to call it, in response to the quick move. We all are doing really great! Missing you all for sure, but doing well.

This last weekend was Grandpa Robinson’s birthday, so we went to their house for a birthday dinner. On Sunday we attempted to go with them out on their sail boat however the rains prevailed and prevented our outing…but no worries. We will try again next weekend. And don’t you worry either…I will be SURE to post some pics of Little Man in his little life jacket…oh yes I will.

Little Man and I had to miss church on Sunday morning because he is sick with a cold. Poor guy. But he is doing ok.

And other than that, things are pretty slow. But slow isn’t bad right? Love you all and miss you!

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A new perspective?

Need a change of scenery?  Or maybe you’d like to see things in a new light?  How about a change of perspective?

Just follow Little Man’s example.


(If you look very closely you will notice that, yes, his shorts are on backwards…Don’t worry Daddy, I will be sure not to point out that Mommy wasn’t the one to dress him this day…oops…)

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In Huntsville News

As a quick update, Hubby’s job is going quite swimmingly! He really loves it. He has spent the majority of this week working on his first project, and enjoying every second of it.

Last weekend he surprised me with a birthday evening out complete with two loving babysitters for Little Man, Grandma and Grandpa Robinson. Hubby took me to dinner at P.F. Chang’s, one of my favorite restaurants, and then attempted to surprise me with an evening of ice skating. He even remembered to bring socks for me, since I was wearing flip flops…and since I shall never agree to put my bare feet into a pair of public skating rink’s skate which millions before me have feet-sweated in… 🙂 He’s so sweet! However since our time was cut a bit short and we weren’t quite dressed to be skating around on ice (it is summer outside), we decided to save this event for our up and coming 3 year anniversary! When we went to pick Little Man up, Hubby had asked his mom to make me a birthday cake. So we partook in birthday cake, packed up out son, and came home for a relaxing birthday evening with a movie. Wonderful!

Also my sweet husband’s gift to me was this super cool and cute recipe box that we saw together in a little boutique shop in Cookeville like 2 months ago! He had gone back, bought it, and stored it in his trunk until my b-day. Can’t wait to put all my tasty recipes in it!


Also, many of you know, we have been visiting a church here called Sojourn. It has been really great and we are enjoying it so far. The churches small groups just started back up after a summer break so we are visiting a different one each week, seeing which one we would like to go to. Here is a link to the site if you are curious to check it out.

Love ya and miss you all!


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Rare Documented Case

Of a SUPER SWEET arm cuddle. This picture is one of the many reasons my son melts my stinkin’ heart.IMG_3313 b w


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The Arm Cuddle…

Some children have a blanket that they can’t sleep without…other’s have a little stuffed animal lovey that will comfort them in any time of distress…But Little Man? No not him. He has what we have lovingly termed, The Arm Cuddle. This is very real. In the middle of Walmart he will decide he wants a cuddle, and the thumb goes in the mouth and he will desperately reach for my arm until he is able to press it against his face and cuddle.

This, as you can imagine, gets some very interesting looks from strangers, but I don’t care! He’s my sweet boy, and I embrace his fun little quirks, The Arm Cuddle included.

P.S. Little Man does have a little Pooh Bear that he sleeps with at night and naps that does serve as a cuddly, so he is not all together odd.



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Hubby’s First Week of Work Recap

So last week was Hubby’s first week of work here in good ole Alabama!  Although all he was asked to do 4 out of 5 work days last week was read manuals and learn procedures, he couldn’t be more excited about his new job.  And I couldn’t be more excited for him!  It is obvious that he is using many of his strengths within this career choice as well.  He was assigned his first project last Friday and was ecstatic.  I truly am in love my with super smart hubby!   Here is a picture of him on his first day of school…I mean work!

IMG_3276He’s so goofy with his little lunch box and everything!  I love it.


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The School of Parenting

In the school of parenting I feel as though I can hardly stop drawing spiritual parallels between Little Man and myself and God as our Father as well as observe in little Isaac many of the qualities that make us distinctly human.  I thought that every once in a while I could use Sunday morning to document these little spiritual lessons from God so as to remember them far into the future of motherhood, when I may not even be able to get my childrens names straight, let alone remember little lessons hidden in the minute details of the day to day mundane…  That being said, here we go!IMG_3279

I have noticed something very interesting in Little Man’s eating habits.  I see that when I provide him with just a few pieces of food on his tray, he is happy and content, eating every last piece before asking for more with his cute little baby sign.  However, when I try to make it easier for myself, putting much more than he could consume within a few bites onto his tray…he gets ‘greedy’!  He will begin asking for more way before all his little meal resources have been consumed…

How does this relate to parenting or God or me??  I see myself in this little glimpse of Little Man’s humanness. How happy and content I am and have been during those time when our resources have been sparse.  Not because I am excited necessarily to have little, but I have seen it causes me to be truly grateful for what we do have!  Oh but when materialism sneaks into my heart, theIMG 3277 2 second I am blessed with a little more than I can consume within ‘a few bites’, oh how my heart begin’s to hoard… I ask for more and more way before my resources are gone.  I can get what I call “the wants” wanting this and that, until I almost forget the only thing that will last for eternity.  Is it bad to have more than I need, no not necessarily.  Is it wrong to have material ‘wants’, surly not.  But is it wrong when my very human heart longs for these things more than it longs for God…yes.  I want to remember this lesson.

“When we come to the end of our hoarded resources,

our Fathers full giving has only begun.

For out of His infinite riches in Jesus,

He giveth and giveth and giveth again…”

~Annie J. Flint

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Moving Day…

Oh Tennessee, how we will miss thee!

Here are just a few pictures from our moving day:


Amazingly strong men who moved out everything from our entire apartment and loaded the moving van in under 3 hours!  Some of these very men also accompanied us to Alabama and repeated the same task while unloading the van and moving everything into our new place…how can we ever repay them?!?


Sweet ladies whom I couldn’t imagine my life without!  They offered to stay behind to clean our apartment in Cookeville as the guys moved out the furniture.  They also followed us to Alabama and helped to clean our town house there before unloading as well as helping to unpack!  Hubby and I are completely humbled and entirely grateful for everyone’s help.

IMG_3273Sweet home Alabama, make way for the Robinson’s!


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Little Man’s Newest Trick


Yes…it is official.  He has found his nostrils…and all on his own might I add!

And I must admit, as much as nose picking grosses me out, this picture CRACKS me up!

Congrats Little Man on your new find!


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