Moving Day…

Oh Tennessee, how we will miss thee!

Here are just a few pictures from our moving day:


Amazingly strong men who moved out everything from our entire apartment and loaded the moving van in under 3 hours!  Some of these very men also accompanied us to Alabama and repeated the same task while unloading the van and moving everything into our new place…how can we ever repay them?!?


Sweet ladies whom I couldn’t imagine my life without!  They offered to stay behind to clean our apartment in Cookeville as the guys moved out the furniture.  They also followed us to Alabama and helped to clean our town house there before unloading as well as helping to unpack!  Hubby and I are completely humbled and entirely grateful for everyone’s help.

IMG_3273Sweet home Alabama, make way for the Robinson’s!



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3 responses to “Moving Day…

  1. Jacob Brooks

    if you really wanna repay us…you can send us your delicious brownies every week haha

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