The School of Parenting

In the school of parenting I feel as though I can hardly stop drawing spiritual parallels between Little Man and myself and God as our Father as well as observe in little Isaac many of the qualities that make us distinctly human.  I thought that every once in a while I could use Sunday morning to document these little spiritual lessons from God so as to remember them far into the future of motherhood, when I may not even be able to get my childrens names straight, let alone remember little lessons hidden in the minute details of the day to day mundane…  That being said, here we go!IMG_3279

I have noticed something very interesting in Little Man’s eating habits.  I see that when I provide him with just a few pieces of food on his tray, he is happy and content, eating every last piece before asking for more with his cute little baby sign.  However, when I try to make it easier for myself, putting much more than he could consume within a few bites onto his tray…he gets ‘greedy’!  He will begin asking for more way before all his little meal resources have been consumed…

How does this relate to parenting or God or me??  I see myself in this little glimpse of Little Man’s humanness. How happy and content I am and have been during those time when our resources have been sparse.  Not because I am excited necessarily to have little, but I have seen it causes me to be truly grateful for what we do have!  Oh but when materialism sneaks into my heart, theIMG 3277 2 second I am blessed with a little more than I can consume within ‘a few bites’, oh how my heart begin’s to hoard… I ask for more and more way before my resources are gone.  I can get what I call “the wants” wanting this and that, until I almost forget the only thing that will last for eternity.  Is it bad to have more than I need, no not necessarily.  Is it wrong to have material ‘wants’, surly not.  But is it wrong when my very human heart longs for these things more than it longs for God…yes.  I want to remember this lesson.

“When we come to the end of our hoarded resources,

our Fathers full giving has only begun.

For out of His infinite riches in Jesus,

He giveth and giveth and giveth again…”

~Annie J. Flint


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