The Arm Cuddle…

Some children have a blanket that they can’t sleep without…other’s have a little stuffed animal lovey that will comfort them in any time of distress…But Little Man? No not him. He has what we have lovingly termed, The Arm Cuddle. This is very real. In the middle of Walmart he will decide he wants a cuddle, and the thumb goes in the mouth and he will desperately reach for my arm until he is able to press it against his face and cuddle.

This, as you can imagine, gets some very interesting looks from strangers, but I don’t care! He’s my sweet boy, and I embrace his fun little quirks, The Arm Cuddle included.

P.S. Little Man does have a little Pooh Bear that he sleeps with at night and naps that does serve as a cuddly, so he is not all together odd.




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6 responses to “The Arm Cuddle…

  1. Laura

    haha love it! so sweet little Isaac!! oh how we miss you guys!

  2. lacytatum

    This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen a baby do! And also one of the funniest!

  3. Rachel

    Maybe this applies to legs too? That would explain why he kept hugging our legs when Lisa and I babysat…

  4. Trisha

    My favorite part is the end when you explain that “he is not all together odd”. This is a very sweet yet funny story 🙂

  5. Crystal B

    He is so so so so so adorable!!!! I love the arm cuddle! 🙂

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