In Huntsville News

As a quick update, Hubby’s job is going quite swimmingly! He really loves it. He has spent the majority of this week working on his first project, and enjoying every second of it.

Last weekend he surprised me with a birthday evening out complete with two loving babysitters for Little Man, Grandma and Grandpa Robinson. Hubby took me to dinner at P.F. Chang’s, one of my favorite restaurants, and then attempted to surprise me with an evening of ice skating. He even remembered to bring socks for me, since I was wearing flip flops…and since I shall never agree to put my bare feet into a pair of public skating rink’s skate which millions before me have feet-sweated in… 🙂 He’s so sweet! However since our time was cut a bit short and we weren’t quite dressed to be skating around on ice (it is summer outside), we decided to save this event for our up and coming 3 year anniversary! When we went to pick Little Man up, Hubby had asked his mom to make me a birthday cake. So we partook in birthday cake, packed up out son, and came home for a relaxing birthday evening with a movie. Wonderful!

Also my sweet husband’s gift to me was this super cool and cute recipe box that we saw together in a little boutique shop in Cookeville like 2 months ago! He had gone back, bought it, and stored it in his trunk until my b-day. Can’t wait to put all my tasty recipes in it!


Also, many of you know, we have been visiting a church here called Sojourn. It has been really great and we are enjoying it so far. The churches small groups just started back up after a summer break so we are visiting a different one each week, seeing which one we would like to go to. Here is a link to the site if you are curious to check it out.

Love ya and miss you all!



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3 responses to “In Huntsville News

  1. Eric

    You husband sounds amazingly thoughtfull and loving, not to mention very good looking!! 😉

  2. Laura

    Love Love your recipe box!! So Cute! Love ya

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