Week Numero 3

We begin our 3rd week in Sweet Home Alabama. And honestly…it truly has been pretty sweet! Hubby is enjoying his job SO much. Little Man is enjoying his new home complete with a pool to splash in and doggies everywhere. (He has a new obsession…dogs! And the apartment complex we live in has a beautiful pool and several tenants that have dogs as pets.) And me, well, I am doing really well. No post-traumatic-stress or delayed grief or whatever you want to call it, in response to the quick move. We all are doing really great! Missing you all for sure, but doing well.

This last weekend was Grandpa Robinson’s birthday, so we went to their house for a birthday dinner. On Sunday we attempted to go with them out on their sail boat however the rains prevailed and prevented our outing…but no worries. We will try again next weekend. And don’t you worry either…I will be SURE to post some pics of Little Man in his little life jacket…oh yes I will.

Little Man and I had to miss church on Sunday morning because he is sick with a cold. Poor guy. But he is doing ok.

And other than that, things are pretty slow. But slow isn’t bad right? Love you all and miss you!


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One response to “Week Numero 3

  1. Katie

    Love hearing how you are doing!!! Glad it was an easy transition..

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