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Well, we took a little bloggy break and now we’re back.  Busy week last week…and LOTS of fun pictures to share.  Hubby and I did celebrate our 3 year anniversary and it was wonderfully complete with: a sushi dinner at a local Huntsville restaurant that we now LOVE, and a movie, Julie and Julia…super cute and highly recommended by us.  Labor Day weekend was fun as well.  We got to visit with Hubby’s sister, Annette who was in town and take a ride on Grandpa Robinson’s sail boat…Little Man’s 1st boat ride.  He loved it.  He did not however love his little life jacket…pictures to follow.

ALSO…many of you…ok all of you…know that I have previously been what some may call a “pack-rat”.  I would have called it being prepared…  But these days are over!  I have recently decided to make a change and over the last year have been cleaning out, reorganizing and simplifying and oh the joys I could sing about simplifying my home!  Its a good thing I was prompted to make this change considering our very quick move to AL.  Somehow we still ended up with so many things that we just aren’t using.  Soooo, we are having a yard sale!!  Wahoo!  I love this kind of stuff and I love organizing events…I am such a dork, but if you are reading this blog than you love us and you don’t care so why not be real right?  So the big day is Sept. 26th.  If you happen to be passing through feel free to stop by and snag you some good deals!

Thats all for now.  I will leave you with a little picture to wet your appetite for the silly/cute pictures to come.


Please take note of Little Man’s super squished cheek, his strong desire to escape from his crazy parents grasp and my Captain’s hat…yes.


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