You asked for it…

So several of you have asked me to share different things on our blog which I am more than happy to do, however I have struggled finding how to post these things (seemingly random to those who did not ask for them, that is) .  I have seen other blogs have cute little themed days every week like “Not Me Mondays” or “Works For Me Wednesdays”.  So here we go…are you ready for this?

I present to you, You Asked For It Friday.

Is this cheesy?  Yes.  Am I ridiculous for doing this?  Oh I am certainly sure I am.  Do I mind that in doing this I reveal to you that I am both cheesy and ridiculous?  Not in the slightest 🙂  So ask away!  And I will do my best to post the answers to your questions.  You can email them to me, call me, tell me in person ,or leave a comment on this post. For every question that is asked there will be a Friday to share it.  From recipes to crafts, meal planning to what we believe is the purpose of our family, our faith to family traditions, the floor is open.

And for our first You Asked For It Friday, I will be sharing…[Drumroll please]… pictures of our new place!


IMG_3475Here is is.  Our two bedroom town house.  The picture is a little off center so that you can see the little grassy yard we have to the left.  It even has a few pieces of playground equipment on it as well as a (somewhat sad looking) picnic table.  Hubby and I have toyed with the idea of fixing it all up for us as well as the rest of the tenants to use.  This little outdoor spot is that which Isaac begs to play in by attempting to put on his shoes by himself and pointing to the front door.

View from the front door:

IMG_3440Downstairs is a half bath to the left of where I am standing taking the picture, the stairs to the right, the dining area ahead on the left and the kitchen to the right of that, and the family room straight ahead complete with a fireplace!  It adds such a homey feel!  I love it!


Above is a look to the left and a look to the right from the front door step.

Here’s a picture of our little yet efficient kitchen, and we all know how I love efficiency! (Seriously I do!)  I thought the small size would drive me crazy but I think I really have grown to like it!


Below is a picture of my favorite part of our new home, the fireplace!  I can hardly wait for it to get cold so we can build a beautiful relaxing fire.  Yippy! Little Man is just as excited as I am, as you can see.


The fireplace hearth was one thing we were not as excited about, as there is much history in both of our families of babies falling and getting pretty bad bonks on the head from the stony edges.  Solution?  My first attempt at quilting.  Oh yes, Hubby taped a foam pool noodle over the sharp edge and I made a cushy quilted slip cover for the hearth to cover the neon blue noodle.  I am pretty happy with the results if I do say so myself.  A fun little project for me too.

Below  is another picture of our living room  and a picture of the view from our living room onto our back porch. Its very secluded and woodsy feeling, like we have our own little back yard.



Here is a view from the landing in the middle of the stairs looking into the hallway.


(Please make sure to note the cuddly baby boy in his PJ’s.)

To the immediate left at the top of the stairs is the door to Little Man’s room.  Beyond that on the left before the master bed room is the large closet containing the washer and dryer which I LOVE having upstairs.  Vvvonderful!


Two views of the master bedroom: One from the doorway and one perched on top of the red chair you see in the corner. The door you see on the left of the bed in the right picture is the door to the bathroom.  The bathroom connects  the two bedrooms.  I’m not too fond of this feature as it makes taking showers in the morning when Little Man is still sleeping next to impossible.  We’re still trying to figure out the details of how to make this work.  Little Man however, LOVES to run laps around the upstairs.

(When looking at this picture you may say to yourself, “Hmm…wow…look at those nightstands.  They are marvelous!  What a perfect fit!  Where could I find a pair of stylish tables like that?”  Then I would answer you saying, “Well I must apologize because you see, my incredibly talented husband custom made them out of our old coffee table, so although I would have to agree that they are the most marvelous night stands out there, you will not be able to find them in stores.) 🙂


Picture of the upstairs bathroom.  Opposite of these mirrors is a little room that holds the shower and toilet.  It does have a door so that helps to muffle the sound of the shower in the morning a bit.

IMG_3464 Walk through the bathroom into Little Man’s room and this is what you’ll see.  Still needing to hand his decor on the walls as well as figure out how to keep out the blazing sunlight that enters this room at dawn in a more stylish way that this dark bed sheet…don’t judge me.  🙂

Here’s a few more views of Little Man’s room:



Above is the view from Little Man’s room, through the bathroom to our bedroom.

Back out into the hallway via the door on the left and that completes Little Man’s running track as well as this first You asked for it Friday!  To many this may have been the most boring post ever and to you I do apologize, but keep in mind…You Asked For It. 🙂


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13 responses to “You asked for it…

  1. lacytatum

    So glad you shared!! This was not boring AT ALL — because I love seeing where you live! : )

    Love the fireplace, too!

  2. Crystal B

    Your apartment looks LOVELY!! My mind went blank (preggo thing) as soon as you said we could ask anything! I’m sure I will probably talk & ask your ear off tomorrow though 🙂 I can’t wait to see you guys! (Hope u r still able to come)

  3. lacytatum

    Oh, ps. What kind of gate is that in your picture, and, if you were to buy a gate again, would you get the same one? That looks like the type I’d like to get for our house…?

    • ginny hayes

      Melissa, Hi, I’m Kenny’s mom and I have enjoyed reading your blog through Laura’s blog. I have a suggestion for the window with too much sunlight. At Jo-ann’s they sell white block-out curtain liner which can be sewn to the back of curtains or just hung over the offending window acting as a window shade. I’ve used it in my own home and it works very well. They usually have a coupon in the sunday newspaper and its not very expensive and is sold in whatever length you may need. Hope this helps.
      God bless,

      • robinsonhomesweethome

        Thanks so much for the tip! I might try that. Will I have to take out the hems of the curtains to sew it to the back?

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Its a Dream Baby gate. I LOVE it. It does have to screw into the wall, which is a downside I guess if you plan on taking it down. We just have one at the top cause Isaac knows not to climb up them. It acts like a little door, can be operated with one hand (important since you most likely will have Anna in the other), is childproof (they can not open it on their own), and it swings shut behind you.

  4. ginny hayes

    Hi, I’m Kenny’s mom and I’ve had the joy of reading your blog through Laura’s blog. Here’s a suggestion for blocking out the sunlight. Jo-ann’s fabric store sells white block out liner that you can use on the back of curtains. They usually have a coupon in the sunday newspaper . I’ve used it in my own home as we also have a few very sunny windows. Hope this helps.
    God bless,

  5. Laura

    such a cute little place…so glad you are enjoying it! can’t wait to see more as we VIDEO chat!!!:) love love ya!

  6. Mandy Walker


    I love your home. It’s beautifully decorated and I’m quite jealous of the fireplace but how innovative of you to baby proof it. Hope you are doing well.

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