Its Friday

But no one has asked for anything…so no You Asked for it Friday today. Instead I will fill you in on our week via 10 bullet points. Here we go!

1) Hubby’s 28th b-day was on Tuesday. We celebrated by cooking a fancy shmancy dinner at home and walking around the historic district downtown, day dreaming what it would be like to live in the 1.2 million dollar homes located there.

2) Hubby and I daily forget how old we are so in order to inform you what birthday of his we celebrated I had to do mental math.

3) Because I am both cheap (I prefer frugal) and a slacker…I am just now getting started on making Hubby and my wedding album. Every evening and sometimes during Isaac’s nap, I work on getting pages done and I am so excited about how it is turning out. We didn’t order an album because of the cost and I assumed I could just ‘make one myself for so much less’.  Hence why we have been married now 3 years and it is just now begun.

4) Early in the week we took Little Man for a little photo shoot. It was disastrous none the less.  Only 5 shots out of about 50 are of his sweet smiling face.  The rest are of his back running away from me towards the concrete sidewalk…

5) Since our yard sale got rained out last Saturday we are having it tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I have recently become such a fan of yard-sale-ing myself and it has brought me much joy to organize my own little one.  Again…yes…I am…a dork.

6) Last night we took Little Man to play on a play ground near our place.  Not just any play ground, but the coolest play ground I’ve ever seen.  Video of Little Man sliding down a slide by himself to come.

7) I am pretty sure I broke my little toe at the park.  Yep.

8) I am pretty sure Hubby didn’t believe me when I told him.

9) I am pretty sure he felt really bad when we got home and we looked down and it was VERY red and a bit swollen.

10) It was then that he confessed to using bags of frozen veggies from the freezer when he was younger for sprains and scrapes…and then putting them back in the freezer when he was done.  Ewww….

Thats it for today.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Wish us luck this Saturday.  One man’s trash is another mans treasure.  Lets hope we get rid of all our trash treasures!



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4 responses to “Its Friday

  1. Eric

    You must be lying, your husband is the most compassionate person I know, I am sure he beleived you about your broken toe. I hope it feels better soon, if not remember you have 9 more!

  2. Eric

    Do I have a pic?

  3. Eric

    How about now?

  4. Rebecca

    A picture of the broken toe…? That should be your pic icon…so you always remember….the toe. Just kidding 🙂

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