A Quick Little Man Update

Today my son proved my theory that he is a GENIUS! (As well as proving that he takes after his father as I just had to spell check the word…’genious’… like my candidness with you?)

Today I asked him to point out his ears, as we have been working on identifying facial features. I decided to press further and see how much he would point to and understand. He went on to identify his eyes, nose, mouth, head, arms!, hands!, belly, legs!!! (we have never done this one before), and toes. Most of these I have never asked him about or attempted to teach him.

S_M_A_R_T boy!

For those of you without children reading this, you may be like, whoopdy doo…but this was so cool to experience. He surprises me daily with the things he understands. Oh the joys of motherhood!

week #4 and 5 010 black and white

Oh goodness sake, remember when he was THIS tiny!

Sweet sweet sweet boy!


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2 responses to “A Quick Little Man Update

  1. Annette Stroud

    How exciting, I am a making an official request to see a video.

  2. Rachel

    oh, my, he was SO tiny!! aww…….

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