Ok, so out of 18 votes, it looks like picture number 4 won, on the Little Man photo poll, with a whopping 8 votes!   And since my personal vote went to picture number 1 which came in second (I only voted once ok?!?), I am dubbing number 1 the picture to be printed.  Yes, it got one vote less, and yes, technically it didn’t ‘win’.  But I am the mom, and this is the Robinson blog and we will make the decisions around here, k?  (Whoa, there, I am just kidding…no need to get all offended :-))

So here is my thought.  I don’t even know how this printing pictures out and sending them to people thing works…so here is what I will do.  If you would like a wallet of this picture, send me an email at with your mailing address.  Or if you would like for it to be emailed to you for you to print off, just let me know via an email and I will respond with a attachment of the photo.

P.S.  Immediate and extended family need not apply…you all get a picture sent to you whether you like it or not.  🙂

Isaac Wallet 5

Love to you!

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