Craftiness in a great way, not a bad way.  I got on a decorating kick last week and really, the last few days.  You want to see what I’ve been up to, you say?  Well you have come to the right place.  There are so many things to share about that I thought I would do one a day…yes thats right, there are THAT many!

Today we will start with my favorite…the fireplace!  It makes me want to jump up and down with excitement to show you this.  And please believe that I did, jump up and down in glee when we used  our favorite part of our new place for the first time!

First off, know that since we moved here, I have become an avid yard saler ( or yard ‘sailor’ as my Spell Check wants me to write)…oh yes.  I got a great find when yard saling (not it is not a word, but yes I will use it frequently) this last Saturday.  A dream of mine come true, for how much??


It lets us use our fireplace even when it is not quite cool enough for a full blown wood fire.  Wondering what it is yet?  Well here ya go…


It is a 8 tier wrought iron candelabra, made specifically for fireplace use.  And because I am a pack-rat frugal and efficient (:-), I had white pillar candles left over from our wedding to use on it, therefore this whole little project cost me $1.00 and you better believe I am giddy with joy to be enjoying this little treasure.

Oh the little pleasures in life.


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3 responses to “Week-o-craftiness

  1. karen

    Super Cute!!!!!

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