Little Man’s Room Redecorated

I had been trying to figure out how to decorate Little Man’s room and incorporate all the things that I loved about his old room without painting, since we can’t paint in this apartment.  Here’s what I came up with.

IMG_3605I re-purposed a shelvy-thingy that we had hung up in our living room in our first apartment (that helped Hubby and I to go through our first conflict as a married couple…it is VERY hard to hang up).  So in order to keep the peace, I decided not to hang it, but to set it on top of Isaac’s dresser for some depth/height.  Decorated it with some fun little stuffed animals, books, painted letters, and picture albums.

Also, I spray painted a lamp that I have been wanting to be brown but has been gold all along.  I got the idea from the blog A Soft Place to Land.  My friend Lacy at TatumFam introduced me to it and although I am not and probably never will be as talented at decorating as the two ladies at these blogs are, it is something to strive for :-).

Here’s another pic:


Along with painting the lamp, I also put pictures in the frames hanging from the ribbon to the left.  The pictures are from our trip to the beach in Australia towards the end of our time there.  Some of my favorite pictures on our little family!

I feel like the lamp is a little too big, but really, it was free…and that alone makes me love it 🙂  I did however pay 0.25 for the brown shade at a yard sale a few weeks ago, so I guess it wasn’t entirely free…



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2 responses to “Little Man’s Room Redecorated

  1. lacytatum

    You are too sweet! 🙂

    But my first thought when I saw the first picture: “That’s a really great tablescape!!”

    I think the lamp isn’t too big–I kind of like that the height of it matches the height of the frame. But I like symmetry, too.

    I am lovin’ these decorating posts! Keep ’em coming!!

  2. Rachel

    I see Sheldon the Turtle! yeah! ps- I am so excited to see you guys this weekend!

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