The Robinson Family Yard Sale

Lots of you have asked how the infamous Robinson yard sale went.  So for this You Asked For It Friday, I will tell you about it.  🙂 (Maybe boring to some…but if you make it to the end, you’re in for a little laugh…)

I so enjoyed organizing my 1st yard sale!  Thanks to Pam , for all her help in giving her time and home to make the sale happen, and thanks to my momma and poppa who taught me all I know about the art that is Yard-Saling. 🙂 Here are the top things I learned about having a successful yard sale!

1) Price everything!

2) Do not over price anything, its a garage sale for Pete’s sake.  Most things should be under a dollar (exceptions made for expensive items such as electronics, designer clothing/leather apparel, furniture, etc.)

3) Display your items attractively.  i.e. Hang clothes, lay things out in categories (glassware, electronics, books stood up so spines show making browsing easy, and put desirable items toward end of driveway/yard so potential buyers are lured into stop at the sale)

4) Advertise. Put up signs at the entrances of the neighborhood the day before the sale with large, bold lettering that includes YARD SALE, the address, and the time that it will start and end.  Also utilize free advertising like Craigslist.

5) List big items that would attract potential buyers when advertising in newspaper/online.  (Ex. 10” screen TV, stereo system, baby clothes, LOTS of jewelry all under a $, etc.)

6) Be ready to haggle. The best yard-salers come ready with their bargaining shoes on so be ready to stick to your ground.  From what I found, if they are carrying it around and making an offer, they want the item.  Come back with a price in between their offer and the asking price, most of the time they will take it.

7)Don’t haggle to early. If a buyer comes by at 7:15am offering you $15.00 for the TV you have priced at $20.00, tell them you aren’t willing to take less this early, and that if they are still interested and it is there towards the end of the sale, to come back and offer again.  Chances are, they will buy it at full price or another buyer will come along and snatch up the good deal after they leave. (I learned this lesson the hard way…welp, you live and learn right?)

8 ) Have plenty of change. The last thing you want is to run out of change in the middle of a sale.  (side note: take cash only and do not take 100 bills.  Ask the buyer with a 100.00 to run to the closest store to get change…) keep your change on you, guarded or hidden except for when a purchase is made.

9) Have some light background music. I intended to have a  little boom-box on under a display table so it wasn’t awkward when one buyer was browsing by themselves or if two were discussing a potential purchase.  I did not do this and wish I would have.

10) Don’t make arm gestures at the customers suggesting that you may bust-a-cap on them…like me…




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2 responses to “The Robinson Family Yard Sale

  1. karen

    I am so glad you did well at your garage sale. I see you did learn alot about the art. Love the Picture!

  2. Rebecca

    Hahaha, sure sure…a suggestion of assult with your tiny fists…I’m sure it was more like a full blown ATTACK! I see you karate kid…

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