Pumpkin’s Everywhere

At the pumpkin patch us mom’s decided that there is just something about kids and pumpkins that is too adorable.  Hopefully this will justify the obscene number of pictures I am about to post of Little Man and these orange vegetables.

IMG_3699“Mom!  Look what I found!”


“What IS this thing???”

IMG_3698“Wonder if I can pick it up??”

IMG_3725 cropped 2Trapped in a sea of pumpkins…

And just for old times sake…remember this??

Halloween 2008 008 bw

How does he compare there with this one?

IMG_3699 b w

Pretty sure he wouldn’t fit in one of those this year…

Okay, Okay, enough pumpkins for the day!  Hope you have a good one!


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One response to “Pumpkin’s Everywhere

  1. Annette Stroud

    these pictures are great there could never be too many!!

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