Monster Pumpkin

On our trip to the pumpkin patch I decided to be extra courageous and attempt what has yet to be attempted on my own…purchasing, roasting and pureeing my very own pumpkin to then be used in many a delicious baked good this Fall.

The lucky winner?  A HUGE Candy Roaster Pumpkin.  Looks like a giant orange cucumber.  Don’t believe me?  Well take a lil’ looksy  at this.


And just in case you can’t get the whole concept of the massiveness of this thing here’s another…


Yes, I laid him down next to it and yes, I asked him to hug it…what?  Like that’s weird??

Now I am sure you are asking yourself…how in the world did you tackle this thing?  And since you asked for it…I will tell you this Friday!  On You Asked For It Friday.  If our blog had theme music I would insert it here.  🙂  (Like Wheel of Fortune or something similar…)

Hope you all are having a great week!



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4 responses to “Monster Pumpkin

  1. Rebecca

    That is too funny…it looks like a big orange pickle! Isaac looks so excited! “She doesn’t know…but when she turns to put her camera away…I’m gonna eat it!”

    That thing is truly jy-nor-mus. I hope you cut it up before you put it in the blender…

  2. Rebecca

    Rebecca Asked for it Today Instead of Friday but can Wait Until Friday to Work on Patience, and to continue in Her Sister’s Time Frame:

    Can we get a video tour of the crib?

  3. what a HUGE pumpkin:) Wow!!!

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