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Our trip to the North

Haha, those of you from my home town reading this may laugh, but these southerners consider our beloved city in the mid west…north. Here’s some pictures from our trip.

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We’re back for REAL!

Can you believe it? We are actually back…after almost a month of colds, flu’s, traveling, and holidays…we’re here to update you guys 🙂 We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

We had a quiet holiday here in our new home town. A delicious dinner with Hubby’s parents, grandmother, and oldest sister (and proud aunt to Little Man!) and some ‘Speed Scrabble’ characterized our evening!

This weekend was pretty eventful! On Saturday we put up our Christmas decorations, which was SO exciting for me. I LOVE our Christmas tree and it is so hard for me to take it down every year…so hard that we are known for keeping it up until February…what?!? Is that all that uncommon? Oh it is…? Okay.

Also on Saturday we drove to and through a Drive-Thru Safari. What is that you ask? Well there is a whole picture album to explain. Click here to see it. Here’s a preview…

It was, how should I say? Ghetto. But really fun. Little Man liked it for all of about 5 min. Then Hubby and I had lots of fun feeding the animals that were flocking to our car while Little Man pressed every button on the dashboard in sight!

And as mentioned before, our trip to see Grandma and Grandpa ‘Woof’ was great!

Look for a post tomorrow with pictures documenting the fun had!

Looking forward to catching up!  Feel free to leave some comments and let us know what you have been up to!

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Sorry for the silence

Poor little man has a stomach bug… caught it sometime this last weekend I am guessing and came down with it yesterday. Poor guy. Sorry no pictures this week from our trip. Maybe next week. 🙂 That is unless Eric and I catch it too… 😦 Hopefully not!

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It’s her birthday!

My sister, my one and only FAVORITE sister!  It is her birthday and this is my chance to post lots of embarrassing childhood pictures on here of her in celebration….haha just kidding!    But I do want to post a little collage of this little lady without whom I do not know what I’d do.

To my sis: I love you.  You are wonderful.  You are an encouragement to me every day.  I love your love for God.  I love your heart to follow Him.  I so love our sweet friendship.  Hope you have a Vondervul Birf-day.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear sister….

Happy  Birthday to youuuu!


the Robinson’s


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Christmas Shopping Online

So I am not the type of person who usually…ever…passes on things like this, but this site is so cool. So I thought I’d tell me friends and family about it. Its called If you like to shop online this is the site for you. You literally get payed to shop online, receiving cash back for every purchase you make through the site.   I will get $8.00 credited to my account for just signing up today. If you are interested, check it out by clicking here.   And if you want, you could even just sign up for an account to get $8.00 to go towards the next online purchase you make. Pretty sweet huh?

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We’re baaaaack!

We are back and yes I AM armed with many a picture from our vvvonderful trip! Much fun was had as promised. We are one family member larger.  (Yeah for weddings and cousin-in-law’s) Little Man had a BLAST at Grandma and Grandpa Woof ‘s and I have a sneaky suspicion that we will be spending more time on skype…

I plan on giving you a sneak peak into this trip but I need a few days to recuperate so come back on Monday and we shall have some laughs together. What do ya say?  See you then.

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Grandma and Grandpa Woof

Who is that you ask?  Well it’s just my parents and the name that Little Man has so lovingly given them due to the fact that every time we talk with them on Skype they show Little Man the Doggies.  We all know how much he loves doggies.

And since you asked…and it is Friday… let me also inform you that we will be visiting them THIS WEEKEND!  Yippy!  Our trip will be complete with a stop in one of our favorite nostalgic town’s, a family wedding, an early Thanksgiving Day, lots of time with the fam and lots and lots of pictures.  Come back in a week to see our trip captured in photographs.  Until then…Hasta Luego!

What’s that? Oh you need a picture to tide you over…oh ok.  Here you are…

devine wedding 004

Little Man being held by Grandpa Woof, 5 months old…riding one of the doggies he is all to eager to go see!


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Sleepy boy!

Last week I witnessed something I never thought I would ever see…my son falling asleep in his highchair. Click here to see it live.

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My Conversion to Yard Saling

It was love at first sale…just last year my parents took hubby, little boy and I Yard Saling in St. Louis.  At the first stop, I found this gorgeous fabric.


See the beautiful gold stitching?  And that red color…I LOVE it!

There was the perfect amount of fabric to make my dream Duvet (Comforter Cover) for our down comforter.  I bought it all for 0.75…and immediately I was hooked.  (A post to come on the duvet which is in the process of being made!)

Since then I have come a long way.  Having my own yard sale, learning the in’s and out’s of yard saling…etc.  I can’t help but jump with jubilant glee in my heart when finding something that is PERFECT and exactly what I have been looking for at a yard sale for $0.25!!  I have found that if I hold out long enough in buying something, either the need/want for it disappears, or I will find the item in perfect condition for 95% off of the price that I would have bought it for brand new in the store.  Wanna see some examples??

My vintage flour container turned kitchen utensil holder: $0.25!


These and…




Twenty pieces of boys size 18-24 month clothing in BRAND NEW condition, for $15.oo.  That money would only buy Little Man 1 or 2 shirts brand new from the store.  This lot includes a winter coat, a fleece pull over, fall hooded jacket and sweater, lots of pants, long sleeve shirts, 4 pajama sets, and 3  short sleeve shirts and one jumper for next summer.

Remember my black painted picture frame? $2.00

Or my dream fireplace candelabra? $1.00

And did I happen to tell your about our printer that died after we first moved here?  Well it did…went kaput.  So I researched and found the printer I was going to buy at full price for $79.99.  (Yikes…that would be a hard purchase for me.)  So what did I do?  I held out.  And I prayed…seriously.  I talked to God about how I knew we didn’t actually NEED a printer, how I realized that we wouldn’t freeze or starve without it… but that if we had one it would be so nice.  I prayed that He would provide us a way to purchase a printer for less so that we would have more money to give away.  And guess what?

Two weeks later, I went to a yard sale and guess what I found…?  That very printer, BRAND NEW.  I bought it for $25.00, and the owner threw in a color and a black ink cartridge for free.  I praised my Provider all the way home.

Have I won you over to yard sailing yet?


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Toddlerhood in full bloom…

In an attempt to get a video of Little Man both dressed like a doggie and barking like a doggie, I captured his toddlerhood in full bloom.  Wanna see?  Here ya go.

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