Remember Little Man’s love for Doggies?

Well, if you remember Little Man’s love for doggies, this post will come as no surprise to you.  Although we didn’t ‘trick-or-treat’, we did have an opportunity to go to a fall fun-fest-type-thing that the city of Huntsville was putting on where many of the members of our church, Sojourn, were volunteering.  What a perfect opportunity, right?  Opportunity for what, you ask?

Opportunity to dress my little boy up as the cutest puppy you’ve ever laid eyes on…


We had a great time watching Little Man run around, having the time of his life.  Let me also mention that not only was he dressed up as a doggie…the Festival was hosting an actual dog costume contest…for actual dogs.

You can imagine the excitement.

Here are some favorite shots from the day.

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Please take note of the little tail sticking out of the back of the costume on the third polaroid down…cuteness.



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5 responses to “Remember Little Man’s love for Doggies?

  1. karen

    I do believe that is the cutest little puppy I’ve ever seen!

  2. Rachel

    Bah! So precious! He is the cutest little puppy ever!

  3. Great Auntie Sharon

    I agree with Grandma Woof Woof that this little puppy is definately the most adorable little puppy I have ever seen!!!

  4. Great Auntie Kay

    Oh my goodness. Could he be any cuter I ask you????? Is cuter a word? Well he is the absolute cutest……

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