Grandma and Grandpa Woof

Who is that you ask?  Well it’s just my parents and the name that Little Man has so lovingly given them due to the fact that every time we talk with them on Skype they show Little Man the Doggies.  We all know how much he loves doggies.

And since you asked…and it is Friday… let me also inform you that we will be visiting them THIS WEEKEND!  Yippy!  Our trip will be complete with a stop in one of our favorite nostalgic town’s, a family wedding, an early Thanksgiving Day, lots of time with the fam and lots and lots of pictures.  Come back in a week to see our trip captured in photographs.  Until then…Hasta Luego!

What’s that? Oh you need a picture to tide you over…oh ok.  Here you are…

devine wedding 004

Little Man being held by Grandpa Woof, 5 months old…riding one of the doggies he is all to eager to go see!



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3 responses to “Grandma and Grandpa Woof

  1. Rebecca

    Aww I get to see you today! I love you!

  2. karen

    Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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