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House pictures

Since it is Friday and many of you have asked for pictures of the inside of the house…how’s about we have a little You Asked For It Friday, hmmm?

So excited to share this with you all. Thank you for all your excitement with us. It means a lot.

Here we go: These are pictures of the house as it was shown on the market. All of the rooms we intend to paint at some point or another. Everything downstairs will be painted before we move in.

Not pictures are the other two bedrooms and the two full baths.  Oh how you will giggle when seeing pictures of the bathrooms in their full 1970’s-bright-colored-tile-glory. They also beg “re-do” and at some point during our stay here, I am sure their needs will be met.  Until then…anyone have some bright pink or yellow porcelain bathroom fixtures they are not using…cause they would match our baths perfect 🙂


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Could it be true?? Could we actually own a home? Yes my friends…it is true. Our first house! Sorry we didn’t mention much about our home hunt. Things kept falling through here or there and we were trying to be careful to not get our hopes to high at any point. Holding the whole house-buying thing with an ‘open-hand’ if you will. So buy the time we even let ourselves get excited…we were signing the closing papers and taking this picture!

As of yesterday we are the thankful owners of a home. How is our God so generous to us? Oh yes… because He is gracious, merciful, and He owns it all…and has seen fit to give us this huge blessing to use for His purposes. Wow…what a whirlwind.

The next month will be full of cleaning, painting and moving since we have until the 31st of Jan. to be out of our apartment. Things around here may be a little slow, but stay tuned, as I have a good feeling there will be many before and after photos coming your way at RobinsonHomeSweetHome…because we now have a place to call HOME 🙂 Yay!


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A doggie for Christmas

No, no we did not get a dog in our little apartment…however we did buy Little Man another stuffed one (like he needs one…he doesn’t) that barks!  So when he opened it and we showed him what it did, his face was so precious I was exuberant that I caught it on camera.  Click here to watch it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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