House pictures

Since it is Friday and many of you have asked for pictures of the inside of the house…how’s about we have a little You Asked For It Friday, hmmm?

So excited to share this with you all. Thank you for all your excitement with us. It means a lot.

Here we go: These are pictures of the house as it was shown on the market. All of the rooms we intend to paint at some point or another. Everything downstairs will be painted before we move in.

Not pictures are the other two bedrooms and the two full baths.  Oh how you will giggle when seeing pictures of the bathrooms in their full 1970’s-bright-colored-tile-glory. They also beg “re-do” and at some point during our stay here, I am sure their needs will be met.  Until then…anyone have some bright pink or yellow porcelain bathroom fixtures they are not using…cause they would match our baths perfect 🙂


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4 responses to “House pictures

  1. Great Auntie Sharon

    Wow, what a great house! This is wonderful…extra bedrooms for the whole family to come and visit…:-)

  2. Rebecca

    Oh I am so excited!!! You all have a HOUSE!! God is so sweet and such a giver! I know that you are going to use this gift to God’s glory…including the awesome bathrooms! I heard Chuck E. Cheese was giving away their crazy animatronic talking creatures that only work 36.8% of the time. Maybe they could be put in one of the bathrooms to offset the bright tiles…? Just a suggestion.

  3. Great Auntie Kay

    Love Love Love it. I can’t wait to visit and stay in your new beautiful home. Congrats to you and Eric. I probably had some of those awesome pink, yellow, green accessories at some point. Sorry they left in a garage sale years ago though.

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