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Ode to Cold and Flu season

How I dislike thee, let me count the ways…1…2…750,000,000!

Well, just a quick update…I myself caught whatever bug Little Man had that sent him to the ER the weekend before last and I have been out of commission for over a week now! Nasty little bugger this virus has been. Just now beginning to get my voice back. Yuck. Sorry things have been slow around here. But lets hope this is the end of sickness this year for us… I can hope ok?!? 🙂

We have some fun new-home type things to post about on here and one in particular involving an impromptu-redo! I have been working on it a little here and there to keep my mind off feeling like poo.

Love you all lots and hope to be back on here soon.

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The last week: An Update

Hello lovely friends and family.  Just a little update for ya.

Little Man came down with a cold last Thursday.  He was just getting over a cold when he caught this one.  I don’t know if it was just a really bad one or if his immune system was just weak from being sick for two weeks before that, but he ended up developing croup.  Needless to say we ended up taking him to the ER Friday night a little after midnight and were there until almost 6am. They gave him an oral steroid to easy the inflammation in his air ways which was causing the difficulty breathing and two breathing treatments, one when we got there and one before we left.  Oh how thankful we are for modern medicine and the doctors and nurses who sacrifice their wee-morning hours to work in the children’s ER.  Love, love, love them!

Needless to say, we pretty much spent the weekend catching up on sleep and nursing a sweet boy back to health.  Little Man is getting so much better, and coughing less every day.  Just to prove it to you, here is a picture of him being his cute self just yesterday.

We’ll keep you posted.  We are hoping we are on the up swing.  For goodness sake, is cold and flu season almost over yet??

Love ya’s!


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Amazingly Cheap Diapers

So this post does not apply to many of you who frequent our blog…but if you are one of our parenting friends, this is for you! has a deal going on right now. You can get $25.00 off your purchase and if you order $49.00 or more worth of diapers you get free shipping.

How to do it:
Go to and log in or create a new account.

Add any number of items to your cart adding up to $50.00

Use the Promo code RXBI5291 at check out to get $10.00.

Print out a copy of your receipt and click here and print out and fill out this form and send it off for a rebate check of $14.97  It looks like a offer for a free magazine subscription but if you read through it you see you can send off for rebate check of 14.97 instead.

(We ordered 7 packages of Luvs Jumbo Pack size 5 diapers and a mini travel pack of Pampers wipes at 1.99 to add up to $50.00, making Luvs diapers around $0.13 a piece which is amazingly cheap!)

Out of pocket its $40.00, but with the rebate check you end up paying $25.00 for 50 dollars worth of diapers.

Hope this helps out some of our friends who are in the diapering stages of parenting!  Also, grandparents, friends of pregnant women, or super generous loved ones…diapers make for a great gift!  Just throwing it out there!  🙂

Have a great day!

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The Official Robinson Home Sweet Home

Here they are people…taken on the first sunny day that we have had in what feels like FOREVER.  Sidenote:  It is so true what people say about what sun and/or lack there of does for a persons ‘spirit’ if you will.  Today I feel like a new person standing in the sunshine coming through our windows…as we have had only dreary, rainy, cloudy days for over a week.  What in the world do people in Alaska do when they have months of darkness, for goodness sake???  Anyways, the explanation of the effects of sunlight on my happiness is not why you are here…so on with the show.  🙂

The following are pictures of the downstairs of our new home:

Click on images for a enlarged picture and caption.

And that my friends concludes the tour of the downstairs.  Join us later when we head up the stairs for a look into…well…the upstairs.  🙂


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Look out ladies…

While you wait for me to put up long awaited pictures of our home, let me tide you over with a photo of Little Man.  He is single and available, although significantly under age.  Give ’em a few (20) years and give us a call! 🙂


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Home Sweet Home

Yippy!  We are all moved in.  Very few cardboard boxes are left and man oh man are we glad to be home!

We had a LARGE moving “Party” on Jan. 23rd in which we invited all our friends here in Huntsville to come move all our heavy things to our new place…aren’t we so thoughtful?  🙂  We are SO thankful for all the help and because of it we were completely out of our apartment and into our house within a few hours.  Wow, I know.

Grandma and Granpa ‘Woof’ came the week prior in response to our pleas for help in the massive task of painting the lower level of the house.  It went from ‘just color on the walls’ to a all out, week long 8+ hours a day,  many volunteers needed, extravaganza. Many of our friends and family came to watch Little Man while we painted or joined in the many hours spent putting double coats of primer and double coats of paint in all the walls, trim, molding, doors, and casing.  Why, oh why did we decide to tackle all that at once?  More to come on that in a future post… Needless to say, it is done and I sure am glad we like the color…because we’re never. doing. it. again.  🙂

You want pictures you say?  Well just hold your horses, we’re not quite ready to reveal it all yet.  Give us this weekend and I will post some up next week…patience ok?

Until then, here are a few pictures of our very faithful helpers without whom this home of ours could not be as sweet as it is:

Thanks for all your excitement with us.  We feel supremely lucky to have you all as friends and family.  Your celebration with us during this time has been so sweet.  Love you!

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