Amazingly Cheap Diapers

So this post does not apply to many of you who frequent our blog…but if you are one of our parenting friends, this is for you! has a deal going on right now. You can get $25.00 off your purchase and if you order $49.00 or more worth of diapers you get free shipping.

How to do it:
Go to and log in or create a new account.

Add any number of items to your cart adding up to $50.00

Use the Promo code RXBI5291 at check out to get $10.00.

Print out a copy of your receipt and click here and print out and fill out this form and send it off for a rebate check of $14.97  It looks like a offer for a free magazine subscription but if you read through it you see you can send off for rebate check of 14.97 instead.

(We ordered 7 packages of Luvs Jumbo Pack size 5 diapers and a mini travel pack of Pampers wipes at 1.99 to add up to $50.00, making Luvs diapers around $0.13 a piece which is amazingly cheap!)

Out of pocket its $40.00, but with the rebate check you end up paying $25.00 for 50 dollars worth of diapers.

Hope this helps out some of our friends who are in the diapering stages of parenting!  Also, grandparents, friends of pregnant women, or super generous loved ones…diapers make for a great gift!  Just throwing it out there!  🙂

Have a great day!

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