The Official Robinson Home Sweet Home

Here they are people…taken on the first sunny day that we have had in what feels like FOREVER.  Sidenote:  It is so true what people say about what sun and/or lack there of does for a persons ‘spirit’ if you will.  Today I feel like a new person standing in the sunshine coming through our windows…as we have had only dreary, rainy, cloudy days for over a week.  What in the world do people in Alaska do when they have months of darkness, for goodness sake???  Anyways, the explanation of the effects of sunlight on my happiness is not why you are here…so on with the show.  🙂

The following are pictures of the downstairs of our new home:

Click on images for a enlarged picture and caption.

And that my friends concludes the tour of the downstairs.  Join us later when we head up the stairs for a look into…well…the upstairs.  🙂



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3 responses to “The Official Robinson Home Sweet Home

  1. karen

    Those pictures look so familiar. Good pics!

  2. Rachel

    I love the house! I love the kitchen especially with its sunny walls and fun windows! So very pretty! + you did such a good job on the bathroom mirror!

  3. Great Aunt Kay

    Darling home you have put together. I had no doubt you would make it feel warm and cozy right away. The dining room furniture looks great with the hardwood floors. So glad you could use. Hug and kiss that cute little man for me. Love you guys a bunch!

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