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Hand Made Knitted Goodness

This post is a shout out to my friend Rachel and her amazing talent of knitting. Can I just show you some of the things she has made for Little Man and myself?

A wonderfully unique scarf knitted for yours truly as a Christmas Present!

I mean, seriously…who can knit a stuffed Turtle?! She can!

Lucky for us, she has opened an online shop here:

And all her talent is available to you at the click of your mouse! She has some of the cutest pre-made knitted items for sale and also offers to custom knit whatever your little heart desires! Can you believe it? Here are a few of the things she has for sale just to highlight some of my personal fav’s:

‘Are-you-kidding-me’ Cute Reusable Coffee Sleeve’s

Incredibly Adorable and Useful iPod nano Knitted Cover

Would you head over there and check it out?  She just graduated college and is selling her amazing hand knitted items to make some money while her job search continues. Now go on, visit her site, and support a sista’ all the while obtaining for yourself some beautifully hand crafted goodness!

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