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Recent pictures of us!

Elo there sweet friends and family. Thought you might want to see some recent pictures of Little Man with a few of his parents thrown in here and there, especially after looking at boring pictures of boring rooms…

Ok seriously…how is he SO CUTE?!?

The picture above might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

My silly little man…makes me wanna sneak into his room right now and kiss his little sleeping face…but for the sake of nap time and all things sane, I will refrain.


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Making Due With a Different Hue: The Pink Bathroom Redo

Like the title??  We are so creative aren’t we?!  🙂

Here is the long awaited…much time spent on typing this thing up…post on our impromptu redo!

This my friends, is a story about a little bathroom named Pink.  Now Pink, she always dreamed of being a beautiful bathroom.  One in which people walked in and gasped at her beauty.  But every day, her tile and sink and bathtub mocked her,

“You will never be beautiful with us around…muawahahaha…!”

So the little pink bathroom lost hope.  She just assumed, this is just the way life is.

“This is who I am!”, she thought to herself.

But alas, the House knew her needs.  He brought in a new family.  This family, although they didn’t have much money to work with, had much vision and desire to be creative.  They looked beyond the flamingo colored porcelain, rosy ceramic and blush floating sink. They knew that it was not what was on the outside…no matter how hideous…but the possibilities of what could come given the assistance of an outside help.  The help in this story is the Robinson’s.  To follow is the journey of Pink as she realizes that yes…she is a pink little bathroom, but her past does not have to define her future.

In the end, her pinkness remains.  But lets let it stand as a reminder…pink porcelain can be our friend…

Pictures of Pink before:

Here are two pictures taken by us of Pink before she was ours…maybe the third time looking at the house before making an offer. Please notice the nastily dirty shower doors, because you will never see them again.  We removed them immediately upon closing.

Above are three pictures taken right before this whole shebang started.  I initially started by wanting to paint the cabinet above the toilet…but after priming it, noticed how grossly yellowed the molding on the window was.  So I primed, it…then got too close to the ceiling and decided to was time for an over-haul.

Can I just tell you that these pictures do not do this bathrooms caked on nastiness justice.  The ceiling that seemed as though it had once been white, looked like it had 15 years of tobacco smoke baked into it with a top coat of teenager-from-the-80’s-love-of-hairspray.  Dido for the walls.  I sprayed, scrubbed, primed, and triple layer painted in Ultra White (man o man I LOVE this stuff at $25.00 bucks a can it’s worth every penny) and with just paint, Pink was looking as good as new!

I hunted Craigslist for a couple weeks and got a hold of a brand new white pedestal sink ($75.00) and light fixture ($20.00).  Found a cute little 3-drawer storage shelf for over the toilet at a yard sale ($2.00).  This black and white beauty inspired me.  And we ended up with this:

Sorry for the blinding light and blurriness…

(Little Man is hiding behind the shower curtain)

Got the creamy white roman shade brand new in the box at our local goodwill ($3.00)  Bought plain white towels from Wally World for$1.25 a piece. ($3.75) The white rug from a home decorating store outlet ($3.00).  The black and white toile fabric as a scrap at a fabric store for $2.00 (Oh how I cherish thee, beloved Toile.)  I used it to make the window valance, the decorative towels, and the toile stripe on the shower curtain.  The white and black fabric on the shower curtain I already had because my parents who are the original thrifty shoppers (who taught me so well) bought me a trunk full of fabric at an auction for a dollar!  Got the clippy hangy things for the shower curtain at Lowes for $9.00.  Had the mirror, it does the job for now until I find one at a yard sale this summer. And still needing to make some sort of decor for the wall over the ‘abode’.

And thats it!  What do you think?  I feel like it is quite the transformation for just under $150.00.  The majority of that when to the replacement of the blush colored floating sink for white a white pedestal.

Dear Pink,

Yes, your rosy tub and tile remain, but we love it, yes we do.

A retro style with a modern classy twist.

Pink, I think we’ll keep you.


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Ghetto Power Wheels

My poor son…he has succumb to the repercussions of his mothers ‘trash-to-treasure’  tendencies.  Wanna see what I mean?

Click here.

I did post this on facebook, but I thought it was worthy of a second post.

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Happy Easter!

“He is not here…He has risen!”

The implications of this statement can send chills of happiness and tears of thankfulness and joy today and always.

Wishing you a very happy Easter, from the Robinson’s to you.


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We’re Alive! And pictures of the upstairs…

Yes, we are alive…we have emerged from the seemingly weeks on end of dreary raining days and 2 straight months of sickness in our family…yes. Little Man is on his last few days of his second dose of antibiotics for his first ever ear infection. Poor guy. We have all been healthy for 11 straight days! This is quite the record for us this winter.

So to celebrate our return to civilization, I am going to post pictures of the upstairs of our new home; something I intended to do…2 months ago.

With no further adieu… The Upstairs!

You may notice that pictures of the upstairs bathroom are missing.  That is on purpose…it was our impromptu re-do that I alluded to a while back.  I am still working on decorating it, but I am excited to share it.  Hopefully sometime next week?

Miss you all.  Glad to be back 🙂

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