We’re Alive! And pictures of the upstairs…

Yes, we are alive…we have emerged from the seemingly weeks on end of dreary raining days and 2 straight months of sickness in our family…yes. Little Man is on his last few days of his second dose of antibiotics for his first ever ear infection. Poor guy. We have all been healthy for 11 straight days! This is quite the record for us this winter.

So to celebrate our return to civilization, I am going to post pictures of the upstairs of our new home; something I intended to do…2 months ago.

With no further adieu… The Upstairs!

You may notice that pictures of the upstairs bathroom are missing.  That is on purpose…it was our impromptu re-do that I alluded to a while back.  I am still working on decorating it, but I am excited to share it.  Hopefully sometime next week?

Miss you all.  Glad to be back 🙂


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One response to “We’re Alive! And pictures of the upstairs…

  1. karen

    It looks Great!

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