Recent pictures of us!

Elo there sweet friends and family. Thought you might want to see some recent pictures of Little Man with a few of his parents thrown in here and there, especially after looking at boring pictures of boring rooms…

Ok seriously…how is he SO CUTE?!?

The picture above might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

My silly little man…makes me wanna sneak into his room right now and kiss his little sleeping face…but for the sake of nap time and all things sane, I will refrain.



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3 responses to “Recent pictures of us!

  1. Laura

    he is such a cutie!! I do love that pic where Eric is tossing him! He is looking right at the camera!!

  2. Rachel

    he is THE CUTEST! i miss you guys!

  3. Grandma Woof

    Of course he is the Cutest Ever! Look at his parents! Love You All!!

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