Little Man Turns 2 and Summerness so far

Can you believe it?  I am actually updating our blog and its exactly 2 weeks AFTER our Little Man turned 2 years old.  Wow.  Things have been crazy around here.  Lets begin with a picture from his birthday first so you can be reminded of his cuteness.

Alright so now that thats out of the way 🙂  Let me fill you in on the events surrounding the sweet boys birthday.   Mid May, the Robinson Family took a little trip to see Aunt Beck graduate…

Then back home to recuperate for a couple weeks. Amid this ‘recuperation’ Little Man caught what the doctor called a fever virus, meaning a virus that causes a fever with no other symptoms.  Well, at least Isaac had no other symptoms.  This virus lasted a week and ended in Little Man catching a secondary cold virus and developed ear infection with a full round of antibiotics… 😦  And he saw fit to share his cold with Hubby and I.  But regardless of the state of our health, it was back home we go to see Uncle Brother (because he’s my brother and Little Man’s uncle…not because he’s my uncle and brother…thats weird) graduate as well at the beginning of June!

We spent a a extra long weekend with my family and it was WONDERFUL.  Every trip home is bitter sweet, because of course its fun, but it makes us miss them all the more!

Our time there was complete with lots of family time, cake eating, laughing and silliness and swimming.

I even got to see my sweet sweet bff whose gonna have a baby so soon!  See how much I stinkin’ love this girl and her baby…its ridiculous.

Upon returning home  from this trip I embarked on a week of preperations for a party we’d been planning for months, Little Man;s 2nd b-day party with all his little buddies! Here’s the picture I used for his invites!

I love planning events and making special things for parties so I had a lot on my plate for Little Man’s nap times!  We had a mini celebration on Wednesday, the day of his actual birthday, with a spaghetti dinner and mini birthday cake.  This was what he was most excited about, the kid loves him some cake!

I am so thankful that we had a little celebration on Wednesday because Friday night, a little more than 12 hours before his party, he began running a fever.  I thought it was maybe due to his eye being swollen shut the day before…oh I didn’t tell you about that?  Yeah, he got in a fight with a mosquito…the mosquito won.

But the swelling in his eye lid was already almost gone by then…Saturday morning came and went and at 10am we started calling all his little friends to inform them of the canceled party.  😦

Its a good thing we did because this whopper of a fever virus lasted 10 days, until this last Sunday! Last week we canceled not only his b-day party, but also a family vacation to go see the Hayes, and almost a trip with Hubby to Nashville to be in our sweet friends wedding…

At Little Man’s 2 year ‘well’ check up, his temperature was high while in the doc office.  To be sure there’s nothing more serious going on with all his little sicknesses back to back…all the time…she order some tests to be run.  So far everything has checked out well!  Which is good.  We need to repeat one test next Monday since he was sick when they took blood before.  So we are trying to keep him healthy this week so we can get this alst test done with.

If you are a praying person, will you please pray that these tests will come back normal, revealing that he is a normal toddler who sucks him thumb and puts every germ he comes into contact with in his mouth…? Arg…

Goal to be reached by next winter’s cold and flu season: Little Man= Done sucking thumb.

This past weekend, at the end of his fever virus, we took a little jaunt to Nashville for Hubby to be in his great friends wedding.  Here’s a couple pictures of the guys whom we miss terribly and not-so-secretly hope they move to Huntsville very soon.

This weekend is full of home projects including painting our front door and shutters and attempting to keep little man healthy!  Wish us luck!

And that my friends is a wrap, for now.  In a few weeks my friend Lacy over at TatumFam will be having a sweet little baby and has asked me to guest post.  What an honor this is to me! Keep an eye out for an update of the details.



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3 responses to “Little Man Turns 2 and Summerness so far

  1. Rachel

    Ahhh I love all these pictures…except the one of Isaac’s eye..eek 😦 I love you sooooooooo much and miss you and love keeping up with you through your blog!

  2. Rebecca

    Poor little man and his swollen eye!! I didn’t know that happened 😦 I am glad he is feeling better and that you and brother-in-law are feeling well also! Love you guys! I will be praying for good test results 🙂

  3. lacytatum

    I return the list-making in the comments section:
    1) Your sign turned out great!!
    2) Did you do another fondant cake? You should post close-ups. You are a brave woman to me. I am scared of and scarred by fondant. : )
    3) I wish your window pane decoration on the shelf was more in the picture; I keep craning my neck to see more of it.
    4) You look beautiful!!! I wish we lived closer so I could see you in person.
    5) Your little man is so big!!

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