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Makin’ Bread

My sweet friend Lacy, who writes over at her family blog, TatumFam, just recently had a baby. Her and I were pregnant with our first children together, see?

Anyways, she asked me to write a little guest post on bread making for her to post to give her a bit of “maternity leave” from writing.  Well, my little bread making writing assignment turned into 4 articles and a video of me walking through the bread recipe we make weekly for our family!  So if you are interested in bread making or have ever asked for our bread recipe OR if you’d like to have a good laugh at me 🙂 head over to TatumFam and take a look.  Every day this week will be a different post.

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An Amazing Opportunity and Invite: The Gospel Community Conference

See that little doo-hicky right up there—>

Yep, that little button?  The one that says Gospel Community Conference?  Wondering what it is…?

Why, I am so glad you asked!  🙂

Our church here in Huntsville, Sojourn, is part of hosting a regional conference this coming September 8th-9th called The Gospel Community Conference.  Hover over the button below or on our home page and click on it to visit the site.

Several pastors and church planters from across the South will be speaking on the topic of the “religious culture” of the South.  In short, this conference has been organized to put “tools”  into the hands of ordinary men and women desiring to do the extraordinary work of God and further His kingdom in the sphere of influence we have been placed in.   Really, go to the site, watch the 2 min. video and see it for yourself.

Hubby and I want to invite you to join us in attending.  Maybe you are a young adult looking for a place to move to with a solid Church and like-minded believers, or a married couple or young family, trying to figure out where God might want you during this season of life?  Maybe you are sure God has you right where He wants you but are unsure how to begin His work where you are?  Whether you are from the south or not, if you would like to be spiritually challenged, please, will you join us?

Tickets for the conference are on sale now and are only $39.00 until August 9th.  After this date the price goes up.  We’d like to help find a place to stay for any and all people who would like to travel here to attend the conference with us.  If you are in, head over here (and click register now), buy your ticket, shoot us an email and we will reserve a place for you sleep, free of charge.  🙂

God’s moving here in Huntsville, come check it out!  Even if you don’t decide to move here, you will leave encouraged!  🙂

All for His glory,

The Robinson’s

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The bathroom downstairs: Part 1…a tale of a mustard seed.

No I am not talking about faith the size of a mustard seed, although I have to admit that that’s about how much faith I had in making much of this little gem of a potty room. (Okay that’s dramatic…)  But mustard is what I inevitably think of upon looking at these before pictures.

Oh the yellowness of it all.  I gotta be honest, yellow just ain’t my thang.  I like it for other people, I’m not a hater…I just don’t prefer it for myself.  Too bad my kitchen is still chillin’ in all her yellowness…

I mean seriously… WHAT were the previous owners thinking.  Yellow toilet, yellow bath tub, yellow sink, yellow tile, AND Yellow walls?  I mean it’s like I somehow found myself WITHIN Big Bird.


Hubby taking out the yellow potty.  Goodbye yellow floating sink that identically match our pink floating sink

And heeelllooo white!

[Enter white porcelain and insert sigh of relief]

Already so much better!

After replacing the sink and toilet with white ones I am itching to get rid of the yellow walls.

I think I am going to try to work with the yellow tile around the boarder for the time being, since that yellow cast iron tub ain’t goin’ anywhere anytime soon.  Maybe a gray blue for the walls?

But before painting I need to remove what looks like layers of wall paper and repair somethin’ crazy going on with the walls over the shower…scary.

Come back for the epic part 2 to see the end product as well as an additional post: Confessions of a Frugal Semi-Failure.


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Decorating With an Old Window

My friend Lacy saw this little wall adornment in one of my pictures and said she’d like to see it up close…so here it is.  With a post all to itself 🙂

If you know me at all you know I love thriftiness and re-purposing.  I have always wanted to have some old windows to decorate with.  During one of our last few months living in TN, I happened to be driving out of our little neighborhood, and there happened to be these beautifully weathered old white windows leaning up against a mail box waiting for the trash truck and the owner happened to be on the porch and I happened to stop in the middle of the road…proceed to get out of my car and ask him if I could have them…and they just so happened to fit perfectly in my trunk.

They made it through two moves and finally one is hanging happily on the wall in our kitchen holding sweet pictures of our family and some to-die-for-beautiful black and white damask scrapbook paper…(yes, I know I am a weirdo.)

I bought the little shelf underneath it at a yardsale for $2.00.  It was brown and gold before I took a can of spray paint to it. It holds my beloved window just perfectly!  Because the windows were free, I already had the scrapbook paper left over from our wedding scrapbook, I used left over spray paint and I think I used some photo credits to order the pictures, making them free as well, this rather large, rather perfect for us wall decor cost us a total of $2.00.  Pretty sweet.

She’s a beaut’!

Click here to see her ‘sister’ window in our redone guest bedroom (Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3).


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4th of July Celebration

For the 4th we, yes WE, meaning all three of us got to go to celebrate with sweet friends from our church. This is a big deal, since it was the first outing since before Little Man’s b-day since that was when all his little back to back sicknesses started.

Our friends home is on a lake so we spent lots of time fishing:

and kayaking (which Little Man called ‘swimming’):

and firework watching:

Little Man even got to spend some time with his little buddies he’s been missing so much.  Look at this sweet moment caught on camera with his friend Piper.


I gotta tell you I love everything about this picture, from the water and the reflection of the horizon line in the background to the sweet duck couple in front of them…and the little toddlers bein’ too stinkin’ cute. Its almost too much for me!

All in all we had a wonderful time with sweet sweet friends.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th 🙂


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