4th of July Celebration

For the 4th we, yes WE, meaning all three of us got to go to celebrate with sweet friends from our church. This is a big deal, since it was the first outing since before Little Man’s b-day since that was when all his little back to back sicknesses started.

Our friends home is on a lake so we spent lots of time fishing:

and kayaking (which Little Man called ‘swimming’):

and firework watching:

Little Man even got to spend some time with his little buddies he’s been missing so much.  Look at this sweet moment caught on camera with his friend Piper.


I gotta tell you I love everything about this picture, from the water and the reflection of the horizon line in the background to the sweet duck couple in front of them…and the little toddlers bein’ too stinkin’ cute. Its almost too much for me!

All in all we had a wonderful time with sweet sweet friends.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th 🙂



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2 responses to “4th of July Celebration

  1. angela bennett

    Well, Isaac is certainly growing fast!! What a cutie… our kids are growing as well. Zac is 13 Aug.5th! We are headed to Washington DC for several days, we leave on Fri. July 30th. Derrick has been planning all sorts of fun things to go see and do when we get there. Mary Beth is excited, she will be a senior this yr. and Ginny can’t wait to start High School. Kali was thrilled to make a B in Summer Statistics and Audrey is working long days at ChicFila. All is well. I miss you. Love Angela B

  2. angela bennett

    By the way… I forgot to say that Grace is driving on her own as a sixteen yr old. It still feels like she is about 9 yrs old to me!! Oceans of Love. Angela

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