Decorating With an Old Window

My friend Lacy saw this little wall adornment in one of my pictures and said she’d like to see it up close…so here it is.  With a post all to itself 🙂

If you know me at all you know I love thriftiness and re-purposing.  I have always wanted to have some old windows to decorate with.  During one of our last few months living in TN, I happened to be driving out of our little neighborhood, and there happened to be these beautifully weathered old white windows leaning up against a mail box waiting for the trash truck and the owner happened to be on the porch and I happened to stop in the middle of the road…proceed to get out of my car and ask him if I could have them…and they just so happened to fit perfectly in my trunk.

They made it through two moves and finally one is hanging happily on the wall in our kitchen holding sweet pictures of our family and some to-die-for-beautiful black and white damask scrapbook paper…(yes, I know I am a weirdo.)

I bought the little shelf underneath it at a yardsale for $2.00.  It was brown and gold before I took a can of spray paint to it. It holds my beloved window just perfectly!  Because the windows were free, I already had the scrapbook paper left over from our wedding scrapbook, I used left over spray paint and I think I used some photo credits to order the pictures, making them free as well, this rather large, rather perfect for us wall decor cost us a total of $2.00.  Pretty sweet.

She’s a beaut’!

Click here to see her ‘sister’ window in our redone guest bedroom (Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3).



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9 responses to “Decorating With an Old Window

  1. I did the same thing…picked up a white window and put some black and white pictures in it, but Luke helped me hang it without showing the wire in the back by putting 2 small names in each corner that the wire drapes over…making the wire behind it in more of a square shape instead of a V. I hope that makes sense. Just an idea for those who want to hang it! How did you get your pictures to stick in the window?

    Also, I think old windows are great baby shower gifts to close friends. You can put each one of their baby shower invitations in it and leave a spot for their birth announcement and the foot prints. I make sure to pick up windows I see in our neighborhood all the time! I’ve actually been on a jog, found one, and hauled it all way back home. I’m sure people wondered what I was doing!

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Ha! Thats a true thrifty decorator for you! Jogging with decor…its should be a new fad workout 🙂 Thats a great idea about the square type hanging with the wire. I was going to hang with some rope-ey type ribbon, but then found this shelf and liked it better.

      The pictures are actually sticking to the glass with very small slivers of double sided tape in the corners of each picture. And the R is just black scrapbook paper cut out and stuff with tape as well. The plan was to backwards paint an R on the back, but this was just to easy to do instead 🙂

      And hey, congrats on your lil’ Coplin! 🙂 So happy for you guys.

  2. rmwest

    I love it!! Too fun!

  3. Thanks for showing this!! It’s great. I love how y’all use old windows. mandy has one she painted turquoise blue in her bathroom with pictures.

    I’d hang one if I felt like I had space! Oh, and if I had one, too.

  4. Grandma Woof

    I saw that when we talked on skype the other day. I started to mention it and I quess got on a different topic. It looks great! You are such the crafty person.

  5. Janet

    I just came across your site with your wonderful old window and black & white photos. Very chic idea. I just got a bunch of old windows and now I will attempt to decorate one like yours!!!

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Thanks so much! Old windows are so fun to decorate with. Drop me an email when you get yours decorated with a picture if you feel like it! I love when people share their own projects with me 🙂

  6. Patrice Williams

    That is darling. How did you adhere the pictures to the glass?

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