The bathroom downstairs: Part 1…a tale of a mustard seed.

No I am not talking about faith the size of a mustard seed, although I have to admit that that’s about how much faith I had in making much of this little gem of a potty room. (Okay that’s dramatic…)  But mustard is what I inevitably think of upon looking at these before pictures.

Oh the yellowness of it all.  I gotta be honest, yellow just ain’t my thang.  I like it for other people, I’m not a hater…I just don’t prefer it for myself.  Too bad my kitchen is still chillin’ in all her yellowness…

I mean seriously… WHAT were the previous owners thinking.  Yellow toilet, yellow bath tub, yellow sink, yellow tile, AND Yellow walls?  I mean it’s like I somehow found myself WITHIN Big Bird.


Hubby taking out the yellow potty.  Goodbye yellow floating sink that identically match our pink floating sink

And heeelllooo white!

[Enter white porcelain and insert sigh of relief]

Already so much better!

After replacing the sink and toilet with white ones I am itching to get rid of the yellow walls.

I think I am going to try to work with the yellow tile around the boarder for the time being, since that yellow cast iron tub ain’t goin’ anywhere anytime soon.  Maybe a gray blue for the walls?

But before painting I need to remove what looks like layers of wall paper and repair somethin’ crazy going on with the walls over the shower…scary.

Come back for the epic part 2 to see the end product as well as an additional post: Confessions of a Frugal Semi-Failure.



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4 responses to “The bathroom downstairs: Part 1…a tale of a mustard seed.

  1. Ahhh! I thought of yellow + gray right away when you pointed out the tile!

    And because I am a dork…

  2. Hey! It looks great!! We are dealing with a blue and pink bathroom…I just had our cast iron tub refinished a bright white and it only cost $295. I mean, that does seem like a chunk of money, but not as bad as buying/installing a new tub. They also put a new drain and “water stopper” in and replace all the caulk around the tub. I really like the pictures that Lacy posted!! Gray and yellow is perfect.

  3. Laura

    looks great!! Love updating!! I am sure you are happy with the progress! Love you!

  4. Rebecca

    Soooo much better already! I can’t wait to see the finished product…maybe in person! 🙂

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