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Little Man Playing with his new kitchen

Here’s a little video of Little Man playing with the kitchen we snagged from a yard sale in our neighborhood mid-summer.  I found the little baker’s outfit, unopened, at  yardsale for 0.25.  Have I mentioned that I love yardsales??

Listen for this in the first video…

Mommy: “Whatcha doin’, Buddy?

Little Man: “I cut cheese…”

Enough said.  🙂

And another:


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Its not too late: The Gospel Community Conference

Its not too late! Tickets are still on sale for the GCC.

Just click that little button on the right side of the page that says The Gospel Community Conference or click here.

Click on ‘”Register” and follow the instructions.

Then shoot us en email letting us know you’ll be joining us Robinson’s and many of our friends so we can celebrate!

Its less than two weeks away so hop to it!

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Guest Bed Room Re Do: Part 3 The After

The long awaited…but much anticipated…(by me) guest bedroom reveal.

Drum Roll Please….

For fun…lets look at a before and after pic…



I think the white furniture makes SUCH a difference.  I am quickly becoming a fan of white.

When choosing the paint color I came across a similar color named “Sigh” and I think they should rename the color I chose that because thats what it makes me do…sigh…with happiness.

I really do think its so pretty and relaxing while being clean and bright.

I primed the molding and window/door casing with the oil based primer I talked about here and then painted it in glossy ultra white (MAN I love this stuff). Primed and painted the ceiling.  Primed and painted the walls.   And we splurged and replaced all the window fixtures and door knobs with oil rubbed bronze ones, to match the ones we replaced in the hallway upstairs.

I LOVE IT NOW!  I could spend all day in this room.  I think I will try to recreate it in our master bedroom and bath next.

The ‘loverly desk‘.

The painted furniture and the decorated window.

Simple. Crisp. Light.

It has a airy beachy feel to me.  Which IS intentional due to the fact that we are attempting to lure our friends to visit.  When offered your own private ‘resort’ room, how could you say no??

Sorry for the graininess of the pictures.  We had a slue of cloudy days here and by the time I got to the room to take pics when the sun did finally come out…it had hid behind some clouds again!  Oh well.

Let me know what you think.

If you hate it…don’t let me know what you think.  🙂

This project took too long and if criticized too much, I may cry.


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Decorating With An Old Window: Take Two!

Remember how I said I had two of those old  windows I found on the side of the street?

Well meet her sister…

Oh her beauty…

The pictures I used were taken by my husband’s brother’s wife’s mom.  Hows that for a line of people to follow!

They were taken during her trip in Europe.  Aren’t they beautiful?!?

Have any idea where this window might be in our home???

You guessed it…in our newly re-done guest bedroom!

Hoping to post pictures of the whole room later this week 🙂

Until then, here’s a peek…



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Guest Bed Room Re-Do: Part 2 The Before

For some reason I just love this room…I can’t quiet figure out why.  Maybe because for such a small room it gets so much light, or the fact that it almost seems like you have a nice view with the tree’s peaking through the windows.  I don’t know, but I love it.

I will tell you a few things I don’t love about it though…

-the almond colored molding

-the brass window and door fixtures

-the HORRID library book boarder

-the peachy tan wall color

-the evidence that at one point this whole room had been florescent lime green.  Think I’m kidding?

Oh well hello there, lime green…whatever are you doing ON MY CARPET?!?

[Sigh] Oh well…we’ll stick a piece of furniture over it and call it a day!  And actually, upon prepping the room for painting, I revealed another former life of this little room.  Not only has it been peachy tan and  lime green, it’s been forest green to boot!

What an unlucky little room she’s been…up till now!

After painting white the bed room furniture that my very generous parents gave us, I decided to over haul it and re-do the whole room.  Just check it off the list and do it while all the furniture was already pulled apart into a ba-jillion pieces from being painted.

I started by prepping the room by taking off all the brass window fixtures and door knobs and hinges as well as the doors off the closets.  Then I hunkered down (thats for you mom and dad) and began the much beloved task of taking down the boarder.

Wanna know a secret??

The books look as though they are painted on the wall because the paint on the wall  is identically matched to the top of the boarder.  Cleaver little boogers…!

Come back to see the finished product.  I have to admit that it is the inspiration for not only our future master bathroom and bedroom, but potentially the whole rest of the house…eventually.  🙂

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A Frugal Semi-Failure

Lets be honest…I have what I like to call a healthy obsession with frugality.  Frugality defined by me is squeezing the most out of something for the benefit of my family, my home, and the furthering of God’s kingdom on earth.  Therefore:  I thrift store shop, yard sale. and stalk craigslist like cray-zay when we decided to make a purchase of ANYTHING other than groceries.

I do mean anything.

You know that white toilet we used to replace the yellow one in the downstairs bathroom?  Well, I have a confession…I bought it at a yard sale.

I KNOW I KNOW, everyone ‘ewww’ in unison and judge me for it!

But it was ‘brand new, in the box, never been opened’ condition.  I had the owner slice open the seemingly never been torn tape for me to have a look inside, and everything including the cardboard packing pieces and plastic bags around the tank and bowl as well as the zip ties were all intact.  I didn’t want to pull it all apart because it needed to fit in my car so I paid the women and her husband loaded it into the car for me.  It sat in our dining room for a few days and then Hubby took a weekend to install it.

Upon opening the plastic…low and behold…this toilet, although in great condition…was NOT new.  It had definitely been hooked up at one point, because there was water inside the bags…

Seriously YUCK!

So what did we do?

We put it in our bathroom of course!

Shooooot!  A perfectly working, perfectly white, perfectly inexpensive toilet bought used for $50.00 still beats paying $175.00 for a brand new one any day.  Well, in my book at least.

I mean, really, whats a toilet used for anyway people?

Bleach it. Use it.  Call it a day!


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Our 1st Family Vacation: Pigeon Forge, TN

Two weekends ago us Robinson’s took our first ever family vacation!  Granted, we did plenty of traveling before moving to Huntsville, this is the 1st time we have gone somewhere for the sole purpose of ‘vacationing’.  And that we did!  Hubby took Friday off and we left right after breakfast.

We spent lots of time visiting with friends of ours who are there for the summer as well as visiting Dollywood Splash Country, which is a water park that Little Man LOVED!  ( I think he wishes there were one in his back yard.)  We also went to the Dixie Stampede, which is about as Southern as it gets… (a bunch of ranch animals and people riding them around in the dirt while singing and ‘hollering’ all the while you are working eating a whole roasted chicken, corn on the cob, and a potato…with no utensils…yep.)  And all this ended with a video of Dolly Parton serenading us with “God Bless the Red, White, and Blue”.  Oh yes…have I mentioned that Tennessee seemed somehow way more ‘southern’ than Huntsville, AL?

Anyways, we had so much fun!  We are so thankful for this little weekend away.  A worthy 3 day vacation, 4 years in the making.  Here are a few pictures!

Eric and I had our engagement pictures taken in this same spot


At Dixie Stampede: Little Man actually liked the 2 hour live show!

Some of our sweet friends on SMP! How we miss them!! (and not so secretly hope they move to Huntsvegas so soon!)

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