Top 10 Summer Home Projects To-Do List

1. Paint shutters. CHECK
2. Paint front door. CHECK
3. Paint guest bedroom.  IN PROGRESS
4. Paint furniture for guest bedroom. CHECK
5. Paint downstairs bathroom and repair walls…yes.
6. Find super inexpensive white pedestal sink and white toilet to replace mustard yellow tones, via Craigslist. CHECK
7. Install super cheap sink and toilet via my super talented Hubby and his ever increasing plumbing skills. CHECK
8. Power wash entire house and all outdoor concrete. CHECK
9. Attempt to take paint off concrete floor in the 1 car garage…then assume that it must have been painted on with liquid titanium and nothing will take it off and consider covering it with carpet…and instead decide against that putting everything right back where it was to begin with and call it a day. CHECK
10. Begin on master bathroom construction!

Wow, We’ve got a pretty good start on our To-Do list!  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself… 🙂  LOTS AND LOTS of PAINT.

As things are completed, check back for pic’s if your interested. 🙂


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