Trip to Cook-Vegas Baby!

A couple weeks ago, Hubby had to go out of town for a few days with his job.  So Little Man and I took a nostalgic trip to his home town of Cookeville!  We stayed with our very generous sweet friends, Bobby and Janice.  They happen to have a pool at their house and Little Man happens to LOVE to swim, so you know what we did everyday?  You guessed it:

(Janice and Little Man swimming the afternoon away!)

We had a fun dinner with some ladies from our Church there, plenty of coffee from the favorite local coffee shops, time seeing and reconnecting with friends and trips to our favorite Cookeville spots, with lots of photo opts.

Little Man even got to spend some quality R & R time with Mr. Bobby, which Little Man is still talking about today!

Little Man insisted on the pillows.

I even got to spend the last morning in town hanging with my sweet friend, Lacy.

All in all, a great trip back to Cookeville.  Can you believe we Robinson’s have been here in Sweet Home Alabama for almost a year?!


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One response to “Trip to Cook-Vegas Baby!

  1. Jana

    Oh my word – little man is SO big! I mean I am glad he is growing as he should be but honestly makes me a lil’ sad

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