Guest Bed Room Re-Do: Part 1- The painting of the furniture…

It all began with a harmless weekend project: Painting some bedroom furniture.  Hub’s was so sweet to give me a weekend to do some measurable manual labor.

You know, when you’re a mom and you pine away day after day at house work only to turn around and see the mess made again…its easy to feel like your work is in vain.  God’s sweet to me, and keeps me from this discouragement most of the time…but sometimes…I just need some good ole’ measurable work, like the kind where you can work hard, stand back, dust your hands off, stamp it DONE and call it a day, never to come back to it again!  Measurable.  Makes me feel productive!


My parents set the example for me in painting some furniture of their own very similarly in black.  I decided to go white, since eventually this will be Little Man’s bed and I feel like white is more kiddo-ish than elegant black.

Before picture of the dresser with the hardware removed

Because the dresser and the bookshelf are made of laminate (glossy fake wood) and the bed had a super glossy finish to it, I decided to use a high quality oil based primer on all three pieces of furniture. I typically have steered away from using oil based primer because it: 1) is very fumy, like makes me feel like I am loosing brain cells as I breath it in so I have to have LOTS of ventilation and 2) its hard to clean up after because you have to use mineral spirits/paint thinner on your brushes, rollers, paint trays, hands etc.

But honestly, there is no better way to cover glossy surfaces without sanding them into oblivion, it is incredibly durable and it creates a perfect surface for further layers of paint to adhere to!  Which is exactly what I wanted.  So if you are going to paint similar furniture and you don’t want to sand it all down, use this oil based primer.  (You can put a latex OR oil based paint right over it, seriously…you can’t go wrong!)

(Photo Credit: Centsational Girl)

Materials Needed:

I used plastic drop clothes to protect the carpet, four small scraps of wood to hold the furniture up off the ground in order to be able to paint edge to edge, a paint brush, Flotrol for latex based paints (to keep the paint from getting goopy as I painted), some mineral spirits for clean up,  and a small roller and paint tray similar to the one seen above.

The roller and the Flortrol really give the furniture a clean smooth finish, where as paint brushes can sometimes cause gummy brush strokes, although I used a paint brush on the edges and hard to reach crevasses.

I cleaned the furniture off with a clean rag, had hubby take the bed all apart, took the fixture off of and the drawers out of the dresser and the shelves off the bookshelf.  Then I got to painting.

Everything got two coats of primer and then two coats of latex based paint in Bistro White, with two hours or more of drying time in between each coat.   Then I put on a coat of Polycrylic in Clear Satin for an added layer of protection.  This IS going to be a kiddo’s furniture set.

Then I let the furniture ‘cure’ for a few days, which really means harden and fully dry so that I don’t knick it and kick myself in the boo-twa for chipping my hard work.

I took all the old fixtures off the dresser and gave them a few coats of spray paint primer and then a couple coats of glossy white spray paint with a couple hours dry time in between each layer as well.  To top it all off and give it my own personal touch, I painted the center pieces a very light blue, the same color I painted the inside back panel of the bookshelf.  I LOVE it!

You’ll have to wait to see all of it…mostly because it is in pieces.

The furniture now sits in our master bedroom, while the painting of the Guest Bed Room begins!



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4 responses to “Guest Bed Room Re-Do: Part 1- The painting of the furniture…

  1. Laura

    wow looks great! I am impressed! I am glad this type of work is refueling for you! I don’t think I would much enjoy it…but I will just know who to call if I ever need my furniture to have a face lift! Love you!

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