The most loverly desk ever…

I love this piece of furniture.  I love it!  When I saw it on craigslist in all her un-finished wooden glory I knew it was meant to be.

It looked pretty much like this:

I had a vision… But I knew not how to make it happen.

I saw this piece of furniture and my dreams began to make their way into reality.

It started with the purchase of some wood appliques. Hubby drilled through them and glued them to the desk drawers.

I chose two colors of paint I liked.  A darker one for the base color and a lighter one to dry-brush over the top.  I bought a sample size container from Lowes of each color and a pint of polycrylic to seal and protect it.  I watered down the darker color and brushed it all over every inch of the desk, going with the grain of wood but haphazardly painting.  The goal was for some of the wood to show through creating a worn weathered look.

When that dried, I used a dry-brush technique to paint on the watered down lighter color.  After that dried, I took some sand paper to the edges and natural wearing spots.  Then a coat of polycrylic to seal the deal.

I splurged on some b-e-a-utiful green glass knobs on ebay. ($18.63 for 7 knobs is a lot to me, although honestly much less than I’d would end up paying in the local hardware store for much less quality)

Is she not, soooo pretty.  I am a girl.  I enjoy pretty things.  I think I’ll call her Darla and use her as my sewing table for the rest of my life 🙂  But for now she sits in our dinning room because I want to look at her.

She’s a beaut!

(Sorry for the blurriness…I’m too lazy to take another)



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4 responses to “The most loverly desk ever…

  1. rmwest

    I LOVE IT!! Also, I love the name Darla! 🙂

  2. Laura

    such a crafty one you are! Love it! And by the way I really miss you bunches!

  3. Alicia

    that is just wonderful!!!! I love it, great job!

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