A Frugal Semi-Failure

Lets be honest…I have what I like to call a healthy obsession with frugality.  Frugality defined by me is squeezing the most out of something for the benefit of my family, my home, and the furthering of God’s kingdom on earth.  Therefore:  I thrift store shop, yard sale. and stalk craigslist like cray-zay when we decided to make a purchase of ANYTHING other than groceries.

I do mean anything.

You know that white toilet we used to replace the yellow one in the downstairs bathroom?  Well, I have a confession…I bought it at a yard sale.

I KNOW I KNOW, everyone ‘ewww’ in unison and judge me for it!

But it was ‘brand new, in the box, never been opened’ condition.  I had the owner slice open the seemingly never been torn tape for me to have a look inside, and everything including the cardboard packing pieces and plastic bags around the tank and bowl as well as the zip ties were all intact.  I didn’t want to pull it all apart because it needed to fit in my car so I paid the women and her husband loaded it into the car for me.  It sat in our dining room for a few days and then Hubby took a weekend to install it.

Upon opening the plastic…low and behold…this toilet, although in great condition…was NOT new.  It had definitely been hooked up at one point, because there was water inside the bags…

Seriously YUCK!

So what did we do?

We put it in our bathroom of course!

Shooooot!  A perfectly working, perfectly white, perfectly inexpensive toilet bought used for $50.00 still beats paying $175.00 for a brand new one any day.  Well, in my book at least.

I mean, really, whats a toilet used for anyway people?

Bleach it. Use it.  Call it a day!



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2 responses to “A Frugal Semi-Failure

  1. Jana

    I see nothing wrong with this – it’s porcelain a good dose of bleach will kill anything that could have been on there. Then again I have a tendency to frugality myself so maybe it’s that speaking!

  2. Annette

    I must say anything is better than a pink or yellow toilet, even if it is used. very nicely done:)

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