Guest Bed Room Re-Do: Part 2 The Before

For some reason I just love this room…I can’t quiet figure out why.  Maybe because for such a small room it gets so much light, or the fact that it almost seems like you have a nice view with the tree’s peaking through the windows.  I don’t know, but I love it.

I will tell you a few things I don’t love about it though…

-the almond colored molding

-the brass window and door fixtures

-the HORRID library book boarder

-the peachy tan wall color

-the evidence that at one point this whole room had been florescent lime green.  Think I’m kidding?

Oh well hello there, lime green…whatever are you doing ON MY CARPET?!?

[Sigh] Oh well…we’ll stick a piece of furniture over it and call it a day!  And actually, upon prepping the room for painting, I revealed another former life of this little room.  Not only has it been peachy tan and  lime green, it’s been forest green to boot!

What an unlucky little room she’s been…up till now!

After painting white the bed room furniture that my very generous parents gave us, I decided to over haul it and re-do the whole room.  Just check it off the list and do it while all the furniture was already pulled apart into a ba-jillion pieces from being painted.

I started by prepping the room by taking off all the brass window fixtures and door knobs and hinges as well as the doors off the closets.  Then I hunkered down (thats for you mom and dad) and began the much beloved task of taking down the boarder.

Wanna know a secret??

The books look as though they are painted on the wall because the paint on the wall  is identically matched to the top of the boarder.  Cleaver little boogers…!

Come back to see the finished product.  I have to admit that it is the inspiration for not only our future master bathroom and bedroom, but potentially the whole rest of the house…eventually.  🙂


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