Aunt Beck’s Visit via pictures!

Maybe this post should say more specifically: Aunt Beck’s Visit with Little Man…due to the fact that he was almost literally glued to her side the entire time.  The pictures will prove it…the only ones I got were of the pair of them!  🙂

What says it better than pictures??

Even though Little Man is well aware he is a boy…and boys don’t wear makeup…usually…who can blame him for wanting to be like his Aunt Beck??

He must have asked her to read 100 books to him in the few days she was here!

Sweet moments captured on film!

We love you Aunt Beck!  Come visit again soon!



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4 responses to “Aunt Beck’s Visit via pictures!

  1. Rebecca

    Awww… I love it!! I wish you and I would have gotten some pics too 😦 That will be the mission for our Thanksgiving get together! Maybe a goofy video too…

  2. rmwest

    Such sweet pics! Although I am disturbed by the one of him curling his eyelashes…eek! Love + miss you!

  3. Grandma Woof

    What great pictures! Only thing that could have made it better would have been for us to be there too!

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