What we’re doing this week…

Sunday: Packing to go on another business trip with Daddy for the week.

Monday: Storing our luggage in the living room floor while Daddy’s trip gets postponed by a day.

Tuesday: Unpacking our luggage since Daddy’s trip got canceled for the week.

Wednesday: Restocking the cabinets with food since we were planning on being out of town all week and roasting and pureeing this monster–>

Thursday: Freezing above pumpkin puree and spending some time with a few friends.

Friday: Preparing for the best weekend EVA’…with Grandma and Papa Woof, Aunt Beck and Uncle Brother (I call my brother Brother, so to Little Man he is Uncle Brother) coming into to town for an early Turkey Day celebration.

Saturday-Sunday: Party the weekend away with parental units and brethren/sistern.

[Sigh]  Life is good.  🙂


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One response to “What we’re doing this week…

  1. Laura

    OH how I miss you my sweet friend! And that is prob one of the biggest pumpkins I have ever seen!!

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