Friday Night Fire: A new tradition

A while back, Hubby and I got the idea to get a firepit to have something to have friends and neighbors over casually, like for s’mores or roasting hot dogs, etc.

Low and behold, some friends from our church had a firepit they couldn’t use anymore and they GAVE IT TO US!

Now you know how excited I was about that.

We had our sweet neighbors over one Friday soon following our receiving the firepit, and it has turned into a Friday night tradition ever since then.

Everyone is welcome!  If you are ever in town on a Friday and you wanna join us, just come on over.  You can expect a warm fire and plenty of s’mores to go around!

There’s nothing quite like a fire on a crisp fall night.  The Fall may forever remind me of s’mores…or vice versa.


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One response to “Friday Night Fire: A new tradition

  1. Laura

    yummy fun! Wish we lived closer!! 😦

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