Our Trip with Daddy

Hubby has to go out of town every once in a while with his job.  Little Man and I very much dislike being away from him, so the last time he was scheduled to go on a business trip, we decided to tag along!

I was a little nervous about having Little Man in a hotel room for 5 days straight…but over all it was like a mini vacation.  We slept a lot, since the little guy goes to bed around 8:30 and its dark in the room, Hubby and I usually went to bed then too.  I didn’t cook or clean all week, since we weren’t home.  And there were no chores waiting for me during Little Man’s afternoon nap, just a quiet room and plenty of time to relax and read.

It may have been the most relaxing 5 days of my life…haha, ok thats a bit dramatic.  But it was so nice.  I got to JUST enjoy spending time with our little guy, without any other things calling my attention away.  What a blessing!

We did a lot of this:

Relaxing on the bed, watching Dora the Explorer

And this:


Exploring a little bit ourselves in the Flight Museum

Climbing inside

And a lot of this:

Expoloring the city and eating at fun local restaurants.


This monument is the 'highlight' of the city we stayed in...I know. Creepy, right?

We even got to meet up with a childhood friend of mine who we didn’t know lived in town.  So crazy!

Over all a very fun week 🙂


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  1. Laura

    love the bull pic!! so cute!!

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