A Day in the Life of the RobinsonHomeSweetHome or Potty Training: Take One

My friend Lacy is doing a Day in the Life post on her blog and I thought it would be fun to do as well.

Today is the day I am choosing to post about. It is not a typical day in our life though due to the fact that today is:
Day 1 of Potty Training Little Man!

Oh yes…today is the day! Follow us along the way if you’d like 🙂

4:00am I wake up for the first time…because I don’t sleep well.

6:45 am I wake up, realizing that I forgot to set my alarm and missed saying bye to my hubby for the day 😦

7:30 am Little Man stirs and I hear him calling out for me, “Mommy? Where are you?” I go in to get him and realize that his diaper is completely dry and has stayed dry all night. Its is then that I decide today is the day and we quickly talk about the excitement of going potty in a big boy potty and rush downstairs to use the little froggy potty we bought him eons ago.

7:35am Little Man goes potty in his potty for the first time today! Yippy!

7:40am We head upstairs to let Little Man put on a pair of underpants that he is SO excited about!  (I have pictures of this however I feel as though I may be crossing a line to share these on here! )

7:50am Eat breakfast

8:00am Potty attempt number 2- a no go.

8:05am Play downstairs while Mommy cleans up from breakfast.

9:00am Go upstairs to get us ready for the day.

9:07am  Potty Attempt number 3- success!

9:15am  Little Man Plays in his room while I sort out clothes he has outgrown, labeling them and packaging them to be packed up in big tupperware boxes.  (Very exciting stuff!)

10:10am Potty attempt number 4- a no go.

10:20am Second Breakfast or mid morning snack or cashews and cheddar cheese cut into sticks.

10:45am Potty attempt number 5- a no go and Little Man is showing signs of exasperation so I resort to more serious measures, i.e. an episode of his much beloved Kipper as reward for joyfully trying to go potty.

11:30am  Little Man continues to state his hunger. So I begin making an early lunch of grilled cheese with a side of applesauce while he plays in the water at the sink next to me.

12:00pm Finally lunch is served.

12:25pm  Little Man is finishing decides he is full and as I begin to get him cleaned up he declares…”I made a Weeeeet Diaper!”…shoot.

12:27pm Take Little Man to the potty and explain the cause of his predicament including warm soaking wet clothes…

12:30pm Nap Time with a diaper.  I explain that when he wakes up, he is to call for me and we get to go straight to the potty, instead of wetting his diaper.  He repeats this to me and seems to understand.  We will see.

(When I first typed this up I realized I didn’t say what I did during his nap time so:) While Little Man sleeps I take a deep breath, clean up lunch, unload the dish washer, load the dishwasher, get some rice soaking for dinner, read the chunk of scripture for the day from Hubby and my 30 Days Through the New Testament plan, spend a few minutes relaxing, finish up laundry, check my email, read a few blogs…and go get Little Man when he wakes up.  Whew!

3:15pm  Little Man wakes up with a dry diaper!  We go straight to the potty and there is success with Potty Attempt number 6!

3:20pm back to the underpants and lots of playing in the water again while Mommy gets dinner prepared by chopping veggies and pulling out necessary spices, etc.

4:02pm Little Man declares once again… “My pants are alllll weeeet…”  Accident number 2.

4:08pm All dry and we decide to go out to the yard for some outdoor fun on this 73 degree November day (for goodness sake its almost Dec.!  Where’s the cold weather!)

Little Man doing his 'neighbor wave'...hand held high but very still.

5:00pm Daddy gets home and we head in to show him how Little Man has been potty-ing in his potty all day!  Very exciting Stuff.  I cook dinner now as well while Daddy and Little Man play upstairs.

5:45pm We eat dinner.

6:20pm I clean up dinner and pack up left overs for Hubby’s lunch tomorrow while Hubby and our friend whose living with us set up the camera and tripod to take a cheesy “family” portrait all together for Hubby’s brother who has been eager for us to do this.  It was…needless to say… hilarious. See?

7:00pm Some friendly young ‘elders’ (if you know what I mean) stopped by our home for the second time and Hubby invited them in and they ended up having a almost two hour long conversation.  Little Man is watching a Kipper video during this time.

7:40pm I go to check on Little Man and notice the last story of the new ever-trusty Kipper video is in fact a bit sketchy…and Little Man is deeply effected by it, bursting into tears at his favorite characters fear of an owl…oh goodness.  Learned my lesson very quickly about previewing even the most trusted videos before letting my child watch them.

7:45pm  After calming Little Man down we go upstairs to get him ready for bed while he continues to talk about the “Perendus”  (he gave the scary creature that was actually an owl the name Perendus) all the way until I say goodnight to him and walk out leaving his door wide open and the hall light on all at his precious request.  You know  I was kicking myself in the butt, right?  (He did not talk much of this the next day potentially due to my fervent prayers that God would graciously not allow my child to suffer for my mistake…)

8:00pm Little Man’s in bed, I get ready for bed myself, clean up down stairs, and sit in on the rest of Hubby’s conversation.

9:00pm Hubby gives our young ‘elder’ friends a ride back to the place they are staying, I hop on the computer and use up the last few brain cells left for the day to check my email.

9:15pm Hubby gets home and we talk for a while.

10:00pm  Sleep…oh precious sleep.

That’s it my friends…whew…what an eventful day!



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8 responses to “A Day in the Life of the RobinsonHomeSweetHome or Potty Training: Take One

  1. Rebecca

    Ohhhh, poor little man 😦 And ‘Perendus’…? That sounds like something from Harry Potter.

    Exciting though about the potty training! So excited for you all!!

  2. lacytatum

    Since you & I both love lists:
    1. Thanks for doing this! Yay!
    2. What are you making that involves carrots, tomatoes, and Hersheys?!
    3. Thanks for giving a glimpse of the beginning of potty training. We aren’t there yet (she gets really anxious at the thought of going #2 in the potty) but its nice to see how it can go.
    4. I love you & seeing details of your life!!

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Answers via list 🙂
      1. You are welcome! Thanks for organizing it. Very fun to capture.
      2. Its a recipe we call sweet potato chili. It has black beans and sweet potatoes, tomatoes and a bunch of spices and a secret ingredient of a tsp. of coco powder. It really tastes so good. We serve it over rice. Its a great hearty meatless dish.
      3. No problem. Potty training has been very interesting. Only by the mercy of God, it has been incredibly successful, incredibly tiring as well :).
      4. Ditto my sweet friend!

  3. Grandma Woof

    That made me tired just reading it!

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Haha, thats exactly what Eric said. I guess I didn’t think about it as I was typing it up, but our days can be quite full!

  4. monilove

    Thanks for posting your day! I hope potty training continues to go well! I would LOVE the recipe of that soup it sounds wonderful!

  5. Miss Robinson, I enjoyed reading about your day! You have a beautiful family and you look so happy. That makes me happy. =)
    Come see me if you’re in Cookeville. Our kids could play together and I will make you something hot to drink. =)

    • robinsonhomesweethome

      Oh how I would love that! Hopefully soon my dear. We are trying to plan a visit in the next couple months to stay for a weekend or so.

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