Hot Tea

Something about this season and our glowing Christmas tree makes me want to drink hot drinks, preferably caffeine free herbal teas because 1) I am getting old and can not have caffeine after 2pm or I can’t sleep at night, and 2) I have gotten little man to love hot drinks as well, and the last thing he needs is MORE energy!

So usually at Little Man’s request for ‘hot tea’, here’s what we’ve been doing in the late afternoons or evenings after dinner clean up:

‘Snuggling’, as Little Man calls it, on the couch, looking at the Christmas tree with my trusty ‘ole Bing Crosby Christmas CD playing in the background.

Anyone who knows me will probably know that Christmas= the birth of my Savior…and Bing Crosby Christmas CD.

Take a gander at my current favorite here.


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2 responses to “Hot Tea

  1. Laura

    so fun! Miss you!!

  2. rmwest

    I love that he likes hot tea. Also, I love Bing Crosby, although I’m more likely to be listening to a little Frank Sinatra 😉

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