Christmas Traditions

This year more than ever we are thinking about family traditions for our little family of 3.  Little Man is getting to the age where he can partake in family activities and is so teachable.  So we have been paying more purposeful attention to the things we want to embed into our family.

On a less serious note, I made an observation this year that we have started a silly tradition.  When Little Man was a baby and we were putting up our tree with him for the first time we came across this tiny hat.  Who knows where in the world it came from.  But of course we put it on his head and took a picture.  See:

(2008 Little Man 6 months)

And every year since then…

(2009 Little Man 18 months)

(2010 Little Man 2.5 years old)

I do love this little tradition!


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4 responses to “Christmas Traditions

  1. Grandma Woof

    He’s getting bigger or the hats shrinking! HAHAHA
    Your tree looks so pretty in the background!

  2. rmwest

    I love this!!! It is a pretty fantastic tradition. He is so big…I need to visit when the craziness of the holidays is over 🙂 LOVE YOU!

  3. I really enjoy all the nice photography on your blog. I have a pretty stinky digital camera so I don’t take many nice ones for my blog.


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