Another Christmas Craft: O Come Let Us Adore Him

I saw this idea here and knew that I had all the materials on hand to make something similar for our dining room wall that has been blank forever.

I have been thinking about how to point even our Christmas decor towards the reason we choose to celebrate Christmas- the birth of Jesus Christ.  I do love this idea… Here’s some pictures:

(The candles are a bit cheesy but I didn’t feel like taking more pictures…but you get the idea!)

I painted some gold frames that I already had with black acrylic paint, printed some black manger scene silhouettes off the internet on plain white card stock, and printed the words, “O come let us adore him…” on opaque vellum paper I had left over from our wedding invitations (4 years ago…).  Yes it will have to come down after Christmas…but it will be worth it. And I love it.

My sweet Momma gave me this manger scene as my very first Christmas decoration when I moved into my first house.  I remember this decoration very much so from my childhood.  I always wanted to play with it and they are for sure made of glass or porcelain.  Pretty sure that Mary, Joseph, and the wisemen have all had their little hands super glued back on at least a dozen times…

Of all of our little collection of Christmas decor, this manger scene is by far my favorite.

This year we used the pieces to tell Little Man the story of the birth of Jesus.  Since he can’t stop talking about it, I am assuming it stuck in his little head…much like everything else.

He’s such a little sponge!

So thats it.  My free, Christ-centered Christmas craft.


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One response to “Another Christmas Craft: O Come Let Us Adore Him

  1. Grandma Woof

    You must have gotten you crafty talent from your Grandma Tillman.
    Very Very Cute Love It!!!

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